Sold-Out Software

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Sold-Out Software
Industry Video games
Founded United Kingdom, 1997

Sold-Out Software is a British computer game publisher which has become one of the most important in the budget price range since December 1997. While retailing most of their titles with a £4.99 price tag, in 2000 a run of £9.99 titles named Sold-Out Extreme was released, but quickly assimilated into the regular catalogue.

The backbone of their current catalogue are major hits of the past ten years, including, Caesar III, Black and White, Micro Machines V3, Sonic Adventure DX, Shogun: Total War, Tomb Raider and Commandos. The company now publishes 450 games in many categories, mainly strategy and business simulation. However the series also contains cult classics such as Thief II: The Metal Age and Dungeon Keeper 2 which, despite widespread critical acclaim, never achieved large volumes of sales at the original RRP.

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