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Studio album by Boy George
Released June 1987
Recorded Air Studios / Montserrat
Rak Studios / London 1986
Genre Pop rock, reggae, white soul, Motown style
Length 43:50
Label Virgin Records
Producer Stewart Levine, Glen Skinner
Boy George chronology
From Luxury to Heartache
(with Culture Club)
Tense Nervous Headache
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Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Sold is the debut solo album by British singer Boy George, released in 1987, for Virgin Music label, including the following hit singles, "Everything I Own" (UK Number 1), "Keep Me In Mind" (UK number 29), "To Be Reborn" (UK number 13), and the title track "Sold" (UK number 24).


The album was a big success in Europe, and a modest success in the UK. Things were worse in the USA because George was not able to tour and promote the record there due to drugs-related restrictions, so the record charted only in the lower regions of the U.S. Top 200, even though he was a multi-platinum artist with Culture Club in previous years. The album was instead a huge hit in Italy, where it became the artist's highest-charting and bestselling work ever - not even his band Culture Club, though extremely popular in that country, ever achieved such an outcome there. The album got good reviews, even if Virgin Records did not like the use of brass on many tracks.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Sold" – 3:54 (O'Dowd, Vic Martin and Lamont Dozier)
  2. "I Asked for Love" – 4:43 (O'Dowd and Dozier)
  3. "Keep Me in Mind" – 4:05 (O'Dowd, Glen Nightingale and Brown)
  4. "Everything I Own" – 3:53 (David Gates)
  5. "Freedom" – 3:49 (O'Dowd, Vic Martin and Richie Stevens)
  6. "Just Ain't Enough" – 4:18 (O'Dowd and Dozier)
  7. "Where Are You Now (When I Need You)" – 4:16 (O'Dowd, Skinner, Richie Stevens, Martin, Glen Nightingale, Ian Maidman and Paul "Wix" Wickens)
  8. "Little Ghost" – 3:13 (Kevin Mooney and Marco Pirroni)
  9. "Next Time" – 3:28 (Lasley)
  10. "We've Got the Right" – 3:46 (O'Dowd, Martin and Richie Stevens)
  11. "To Be Reborn" – 4:25 (O'Dowd and Dozier)

B sides[edit]

  1. "Use Me" – (O'Dowd, Martin, Stevens)
  2. "State of Love" (Edit & Extended Mix) – (O'Dowd, Hay, Pickett)
  3. "I Pray '87" – (O'Dowd, Roy Hay, Jon Moss, Mikey Craig, Pickett)
  4. "Are You Too Afraid" – (Roy Hay and O'Dowd)

Other non-album tracks of the period[edit]

  1. "Let It Be" (with Ferry Aid) - 6:08 (Lennon-McCartney)
  2. "Wishing Well" (with GOSH!) - 5:30 (Copping)
  3. "Live My Life" (from the soundtrack Hiding Out)

Singles taken from the album[edit]

  • "Everything I Own" / "Use Me"
  • "Keep Me In Mind" / "State Of Love" (+ "I Pray '87" on the 12" maxi single)
  • "Sold" / "Are You Too Afraid?"
  • "To Be Reborn" / "Where Are You Now (When I Need You?)"




  • Stewart Levine: production
  • Glenn Skinner: sound engineer; production on track 10
  • Steve Reece: assistant sound engineer

Release details[edit]

Country Year Label Format Catalogue
United Kingdom 1987 Virgin Records CD CDV 2430
MC MCV 2430
LP V 2430

External links[edit]

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