Soldier of Love (Donny Osmond song)

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"Soldier of Love"
Single by Donny Osmond
from the album Donny Osmond
B-side "My Secret Touch"
"Time Can't Erase"
Released 1989
Format CD, 7", 12″
Recorded 1988
Genre Pop rock, R&B, new jack swing
Length 3:49
Label Capitol, Virgin
Writer(s) Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers
Producer(s) Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers
Donny Osmond singles chronology
"I'm in It for Love" "Soldier of Love" "If It's Love That You Want"

"Soldier of Love" is a 1989 song by American singer Donny Osmond, which became his comeback hit.

Fearing that the public were not going to buy a new Donny Osmond record, his label decided to release the single with no indication of who the artist was, and radio stations advertised it as being from a "mystery artist".[1] It gained in popularity and helped send the song to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 on its 8th week in the Top 40.[1]

The song is set to a new jack swing beat.[2] Songwriters are Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers.[3] The music video for the song was directed by Michael Bay, becoming the director's first official project.


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