Soldier on the Wall

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Soldier on the Wall
Studio album by Alex Harvey
Released 1982
Genre Rock
Length 40:32
Producer Kevin D. Nixon
Alex Harvey chronology
The Mafia Stole My Guitar
Soldier On The Wall
Soldier On The Wall

Soldier on the Wall is the third and final album that was recorded by Alex Harvey after The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. This album was released shortly after Alex Harvey's death. In 2003 however, the album was given a compact disc release, with tracks being remastered from their original master tapes. However, the project was almost abandoned when the second half of the album's original master tape couldn't be traced. Only the first four tracks of the album were remastered from the original tapes. The problem was eventually solved the next best way possible; production staff managed to obtain a good quality copy of the original 1982 vinyl on loan, they digitised and "cleaned up" the remaining five tracks and released them. Consequently, this led to slight surface noise appearing on those tracks; it is most noticeable on the quiet piano introduction to track #5, "The Poet and I".

Track listings[edit]

  1. "Mitzi"
  2. "Billy Bolero"
  3. "Snowshoes Thompson"
  4. "Roman Wall Blues"
  5. "The Poet and I"
  6. "Nervous"
  7. "Carry The Water"
  8. "Flowers Mr. Florist"
  9. "The Poet and I (Reprise)"


  • Alex Harvey - Lead vocals & producer
  • Tony Lambert - Keyboards
  • George Hall - Keyboards
  • Ian "Toose" Taylor - Guitar
  • Jack Dawe - Bass guitar
  • Colin Griffin - Drums
  • Andy Nolan - Percussion
  • Gordon Sellers - Bass on "The Poet and I"
  • Tommy Eyre - Keyboards on "The Poet and I"
  • Ray Conn - Harmony - Writer - Producer - on "The Poet and I"

Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Kevin D. Nixon - Producer
  • Chas Watkins - Engineer
  • Roy Neave - Mix engineer
  • Viv Ratcliffe - Front cover
  • Charles Daykin - Artwork