Solidaridad, Quintana Roo

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Welcome sign over Highway 307
Welcome sign over Highway 307
Flag of Solidaridad
Official logo of Solidaridad
Location of Solidaridad in Quintana Roo
Location of Solidaridad in Quintana Roo
Solidaridad is located in Mexico
Location within Mexico
Coordinates: 20°37′N 87°05′W / 20.617°N 87.083°W / 20.617; -87.083Coordinates: 20°37′N 87°05′W / 20.617°N 87.083°W / 20.617; -87.083
Country Mexico
State Quintana Roo
Established 28 July 1993
Municipal seat Playa del Carmen
 • Municipal President José Mauricio Góngora Escalante
 • Municipality 2,278 km2 (880 sq mi)
Elevation 10 m (30 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Municipality 159,310
 • Density 70/km2 (180/sq mi)
 • Urban 155,902
Time zone CST (UTC−6)
 • Summer (DST) CDT (UTC−5)
INEGI Code 23008

Solidaridad is one of the ten municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Its municipal seat is the town of Playa del Carmen.

Solidaridad is home to the Maya archaeological site of Xcaret.[2]


The municipality has some small but rich continental sites including the ecotourism park of Xcaret. Prior to the creation of the Municipality of Tulum, the municipality was situated between latitudes 20° 45' and 19° 46' north and longitudes 86° 57' and 88° 05' west, and had an area of 4,245.67 square kilometres (1,639.26 sq mi). Today it borders the municipalities of Benito Juárez, Lázaro Cárdenas to the north and Tulum to the south; and is separated in most places from its neighboring municipality to the east (Cozumel) by a stretch of the Caribbean Sea known as the Cozumel Channel.

The ecotourism park of Xel-Ha and the Calica limestone quarry are not part of Solidaridad as they belong to the neighboring municipality of Cozumel. These are the only two mainland locations for the municipality of Cozumel with sizes of 90 hectares (220 acres) and 11.9 hectares (29 acres) respectively. All of the limestone from Calica is exported to the US, and the quarry has its own docks and also serves visiting cruise ships.[2]

Orography and hydrography[edit]

Like most of the Yucatan Peninsula, Solidaridad is almost entirely flat with a gentle slope towards the sea, so from west to east, most of the area never reaches an altitude above 25 metres (82 ft) above sea level.

Like the rest of the peninsula's surface the land has a limestone base that does not allow the formation of surface water flows such as rivers and streams, the water instead form flows in underground rivers that sometimes rise to the surface in the cenotes. Lakes and cenotes are the major water bodies of the municipality.


The largest localities (cities, towns, and villages) are:[3]

Name Population
(2010 census)
Playa del Carmen
Puerto Aventuras
Barceló Maya
Grand Palladium
Cárcel Pública
Felipe Carrillo Puerto
Punta Laguna
El Dorado
Hidalgo y Cortez
Grand Sirenis
Total municipality 159,310

The Hacienda Tres Ríos is located on the Cancún-Tulum Highway Km54, near Playa del Carmen. It is a resort which was built with local materials and has implemented technologies to make the operation more environment-friendly. For example, many of the structure are built on three-meter high piles as to not interrupt the flow of water through the area. Also, garbage is recycled and cold water from deep wells is used for the cooling system. The hacienda, which is located by the sea, also has a desalinization plant to avoid using groundwater. The hotel area is surrounded by two hectares of land with 50,000 plants and surrounding that is 60 hectares of bioreserve with more than 120 species of flora and 90 species of wildlife. The hacienda has been recognized by the Mexican government as a “regional and national model of sustainable tourist development” and has been recognized by the World Travel Awards. Part of the operation’s earnings go toward studying the local ecosystems.[4]


Solidaridad is one of the youngest municipalities in the country: it was formed on July 28, 1993, by decree of the State Congress during the administration of Mario Villanueva Madrid. At this time the municipality of Cozumel was split into two, with the mainland section constituting the new municipality of Solidaridad.

On March 13, 2008, Solidaridad was split in two when the new Municipality of Tulum was formed, as a result its land area and population were adjusted.[5]


Historical population
Year Pop. ±% p.a.
1995 28,747 —    
2000 63,752 +17.27%
2005 135,512 +16.28%
2010 159,310 +3.29%
Source: INEGI Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía[6]

The municipality has a population of 159,310 according to the results of the Population and Housing Census of 2010 conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía), of these, 83,468 are men and 75,842 are women.[7] By this time, Tulum Municipality was already separated from Solidaridad.

Currently most of its population are immigrants, mainly from the southeastern states of Mexico; but also, according to the National Institute of Migration, Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Migración de México), the municipality has 12 percent of its population of foreign origin.

Playa del Carmen, seat of the municipality


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