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This article is about the New Zealand trade union. For the Polish trade union, see Solidarity (Polish trade union).
Solidarity Union
Full name Solidarity Union
Founded August 2006
Country New Zealand
Office location New Zealand

Solidarity Union is a trade union in New Zealand and was founded in August 2006.

The Solidarity Union seeks to organise workers in clusters in South Auckland around an area strategy building local workers councils. It sees this as an antidote to the bureaucracies created by larger unions in New Zealand.

Solidarity is opposed to partnership as a policy, preferring to see a "return to the fighting spirit" of the country's first union movement, the Red Feds. It has built a modest base in the South Auckland industrial regions of East Tamaki and Onehunga, organising small engineering firms, Glass workers, courier drivers and service workers.

A "new" organisation, the Solidarity Union was founded by activists and delegates.

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