Solly Madonna

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Madonna Solly
Raffael - Madonna Solly.jpg
Artist Raphael
Year 1500–1504
Type Oil on wood
Dimensions 52 cm × 38 cm (20 in × 15 in)

The Solly Madonna by the Italian renaissance artist Raphael was painted somewhere between 1500 and 1504.

An early work, it clearly shows the influence of Raphael's teacher Perugino.[1] Two motifs in this work would recur in later Madonnas by Raphael. The virgin Mary is reading a book, as in the Madonna and Child in the Norton Simon Museum, the Connestabile Madonna, the Madonna Colonna and the Madonna del cardellino. As in that last painting a small bird, a Goldfinch, is part of the scene.[2]

The painting is located in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. It is called the Solly Madonna because it was owned by the British banker and art collector Edward Solly (1776–1848).


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