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County of Solms-Wildenfels
Grafschaft Solms-Wildenfels
State of the Holy Roman Empire

Coat of arms

Capital Wildenfels
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Partitioned from S-Baruth 1696
 -  Partitioned to create

 -  Mediatised to Hesse 1806
 -  Reintegrated into


Solms-Wildenfels was a minor County of southern Hesse, Germany. The House of Solms had its origins at Solms, Hesse.

Solms-Wildenfels was a partition of Solms-Baruth. In 1741 it was partitioned between itself and Solms-Sachsenfeld, and reintegrated that County upon its extinction in 1896. Solms-Wildenfels was mediatised to Hesse-Darmstadt in 1806.

Coat of arms

Counts of Solms-Wildenfels (1696–1806)[edit]

  • Otto Henry William (1696–1741)
  • Henry Charles (1741–46)
  • Frederick Magnus I (1746–1801)
  • Frederick Magnus II (1801–06)

Mediatized Counts of Solms-Wildenfels[edit]


  • Friedrich Magnus II (1806–1857)
  • Friedrich Magnus III (1857-1883)
  • Friedrich Magnus IV (1883-1910)
  • Friedrich Magnus V (1910-1945), married Princess Marie Antoinette of Schwarzburg, who presumably became the head of the House of Schwarzburg in 1971. Following her brother's death in 1971 in the House of Schwarzburg became extinct in the male line. However the Schwarzburg principalities operated under Semi-Salic primogeniture which means that in the event of the extinction of all male dynasts, as happened with the death of Prince Friedrich Günther, females can inherit.[2]
  • Friedrich Magnus VI (1945-) : upon his mother's death in 1984, Friedrich Magnus VI became the head of the House of Schwarzburg in a personal union with that of Solms-Wildenfels, as such he is Prince of Schwarzburg.[3][4]


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