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Soloheadbeg or Solloghodbeg (/ˌsɒləˈhɛdbɛɡ/; from Irish: Sulchóid Bheag)[1] is a small townland, some two miles outside Tipperary, County Tipperary, Ireland, near Limerick Junction railway station. The townland was the scene of three notable events in Irish history.

King Mahon of Thomond and his brother Brian Ború defeated the Vikings at Soloheadbeg (the Battle of Sulcoit) in 968. It was a stopping point by Donal Cam O'Sullivan Beare, during his epic march from Dunboy Castle in west Cork to O'Rourke's Castle in Leitrim in 1603. The Soloheadbeg Ambush, said to be the first engagement of the Irish War of Independence took place here also and which is commemorated by a monument at Solohead Cross where a ceremony of remembrance is held year year on the anniversary of the ambush led by Dan Breen and Seán Treacy.