Solorina saccata

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Chocolate Chip Lichen
Solorina saccata 280208a.jpg
Solorina saccata, Schwäbisch Alb, Germany
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Peltigerales
Family: Peltigeraceae
Genus: Solorina
Species: S. saccata
Binomial name
Solorina saccata
(L.) Ach. 1808
  • Arthonia saccata (L.) Ach. 1806
  • Platysma saccatum (L.) Frege 1812
  • Peltigera saccata (L.) DC. 1805
  • Peltidea saccata (L.) Ach. 1803
  • Lobaria saccata (L.) Hoffm. 1796
  • Lichen saccatus L. 1755

Solorina saccata, commonly called Chocolate chip lichen, is a lichen growing on calcareous rocks, usually in crevices and always in sheltered conditions. It is found from the mediterranean mountains up to the arctic. It differs from other alpine Solorina-species by the four two-cell spores in the asci.[2]

Characteristic four spores with two cells of Solorina saccata.


It belongs to the Solorina genus and Peltigeraceae family. It is also confused with Solorina simensis (Hochst. ex Flotow) in spore ornamentation and chemical properties as well as in its mainly plane apothecia and blue-green photobiont.[3]


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