Soma (Steve Roach & Robert Rich album)

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Studio album by Steve Roach and Robert Rich
Released 1992
Recorded at The Timeroom in Tucson, Arizona and Soundscape Studio in Mountain View, California
Genre tribal ambient, ethnic fusion
Length 57:11
Label Hearts of Space Records/Fathom
Producer Robert Rich and Steve Roach
Steve Roach chronology
Now / Traveler
The Lost Pieces
Robert Rich chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic (4.5/5 stars) [1]
Muze (positive) [2]

Soma (1992, sometimes spelled SoMa) was the second collaborative album by the U.S. ambient musicians Steve Roach and Robert Rich, following their 1990 album Strata.


The liner notes explain that the word soma can be found in the ancient Vedic texts describing a drink made from plants to help commune with the gods (a botanical hallucinogen), and that the same word meant "body" in Ancient Greek.[3]

The music on the album is "tribal ambient" (a mix of tribal house and ambient music) with dark hallucinatory overtones. The album ends with a gentle, serene piece for electric guitar titled "Touch".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Love Magick" – 7:40
  2. "Nightshade" – 9:07
  3. "Going Inland" – 4:05
  4. "Silk Ridge" – 6:05
  5. "Blood Music" – 8:10
  6. "Soma" – 12:07
  7. "Seduction of the Minotaur" – 5:21
  8. "Touch" – 4:36

All compositions by Steve Roach and Robert Rich.


  • Linda Kohanov (Roach's wife) – frame drum "cries, swirls and scratches" (on tracks 6 and 7)
  • Design, image editing, montage: Stephen Hill
  • Cover: photochemical etching by Wernher Krutein (of Photovault, San Francisco)
  • Artist photo: Chuck Koesters


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