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For the former US Record label, see Soma Records (U.S. label).
Soma Records
Founded 1991
Founder(s) Glenn Gibbons, Jim Moutune, Dave Clarke, Stuart McMillan, Orde Meikle
Genre(s) Techno, house
Country Scotland, UK

Soma Quality Recordings (more commonly known as Soma Records) is a Scottish techno and house label co-founded in 1991 by the electronic music duo Slam. The label is known for releasing Daft Punk's first tracks from their 1997 album Homework.


  • Alex Smoke
  • Gary Beck
  • Beroshima
  • Croucher & Myles
  • Daft Punk
  • Desert Storm
  • Decimal
  • Funk D'Void
  • Harvey McKay
  • Heron
  • Hystereo
  • Jandroide
  • Lee Van Dowski
  • Let's Go Outside
  • Mark Henning
  • Mark Reeve
  • Massi DL & Xpansul
  • Mr. Copy
  • My Robot Friend
  • Octogen
  • Oliver Deutschmann
  • One Dove
  • Percy X
  • Repeat Repeat
  • Roberto Clementi
  • Sci.Fi Hi.Fi
  • Sci.Fi Lo.Fi
  • Scott Grooves
  • Silicone Soul
  • Slam
  • Vector Lovers


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