Somali Plate

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The Somali Plate bounded by the Nubian Plate, Arabian Plate and Indian Plate.

The Somali Plate or Somalian Plate is a tectonic plate that is being formed as the African Plate is splitting along the East African Rift. The part of the African Plate that lies on the other side of the rift is sometimes referred to as the Nubian Plate.

The Somali Plate is bounded on the west by the East African Rift, which stretches south from the triple junction in the Afar Depression, with an undersea continuation of the rift extending southward offshore. The northern boundary is the Aden Ridge along the coast of Saudi Arabia. The eastern boundary is the Central Indian Ridge, the northern portion of which is also known as the Carlsberg Ridge. The southern boundary is the Southwest Indian Ridge. Dating of volcanism in the Comoro Islands and northern Madagascar volcanos indicates a rate of motion to the east over a hotspot of approximately 45 mm/yr.