Someday (U-KISS song)

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Single by U-KISS
from the album Neverland
Released August 26, 2011 (2011-08-26)
Format Digital download, promotional single
Recorded Seoul, South Korea, Japan
Genre K-Pop, R&B
Length 4:00 (album/radio version)
Label NH Media, Marcan Entertainment
Writer(s) Denzil "DR" Remedios, Ryan Jhun
Producer(s) NH Entertainment Media Group, Marcan Entertainment
U-KISS singles chronology
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"Someday" is a song recorded and performed by South Korean boyband, U-KISS from the group's second full-length album, Neverland.[1] The song was released on digital format on August 26, 2011 following their album teaser on the August 25, 2011. Someday, is a medium-tempo track inspired by British pop accompanied by steady piano rhythm and layered synthesized sounds which boosts the emotional color in U-KISS’s vocals.[2]


During U-KISS' promotions in Japan for their official Japanese debut, they planned to work-out with their upcoming album.[3] On May, Ryan Jhun composed songs for U-KISS prior to their planned comeback in South Korea on September.[1] The song has been worked on the top-notch facilities from different parts of the world, such as Japan and USA.[4] It has been reported that the boys worked with the best sound engineers in both Korea and Japan, while they also worked under an American producer to guide them in their second full-length album.[5] On August 10, members of U-KISS posted some selcas from the set of their new music video with a note, “In the middle of filming[...]! It’s only just the beginning! Everyone, get nervous~” but it was later reported that the preview is for the carrier single, "Neverland" which is scheduled to be released on September 1, 2011.[6] On August 25, 2011, an album teaser was released on U-KISS' official YouTube Channel, while the full-track for Someday was revealed on August 26, 2011 at exactly 12AM KST on M-Net.[2][7] Before the release of the said song, a preview was shown on U-KISS official website, however it crashed due to some technical problems.[8]


The full single was released via digital download on M-Net. However, a legal purchase is needed to listen to the full-track.[2] On August 26, 2011 it has been available on South Korean MP3 download sites.[2] The song is still categorized as their promotional single, since "Neverland" is the scheduled carrier single. The track "Someday" will be one of the two songs to be performed by U-KISS on September 4, 2011.[1]

Chart performance[edit]

Song Peak chart position
Gaon Chart[9] K-Pop Billboard[10]
"Someday" 107 100


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