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Old Kannada inscription dated 1129 A.D. of King Somesvara III at Balligavi, Karnataka state

Somesvara III (r. 1126–1138 CE) was a Western Chalukya king and son of Vikramaditya VI and Queen Chandaladevi. A monarch more inclined towards literature, Someshvara III had to face the invasion of the Hoysala ruler Vishnuvardhana, but was able to suppress him. He lost some territory as the Vengi Chalukyas tried to gain freedom, but was able to maintain most of the vast empire left behind by his famous father. He was a scholar of merit and wrote the Sanskrit classic Manasollasa. He held titles like Tribhuvannamalla, Bhulokamalla and Sarvanjyabhupa. He also authored in Sanskrit a biography of his famous father, Vikramaditya VI, in a historical called Vikramanka-bhyudaya. The text is a historical prose narrative which also includes a graphic description of the geography and people of Karnataka.[1]

The Manasollasa[edit]

The Mānasollāsa (Sanskrit: मानसोल्लास) (the refresher of the mind) or the Abhilaṣitārtha Cintāmaṇi (the magical stone that fulfils desires) is an encyclopedic work in Sanskrit composed in 1051 Saka era (c. 1129 CE). This work is divided into 100 adhyāyas (chapters) which are grouped into five viṁśatis (twenties) and each chapter deals with a specific topic. This treatise deals with a wide range of topics, which include the means of acquiring a kingdom, methods of establishing it and royal enjoyment. It contains valuable information regarding Indian art, architecture, cuisine, ornaments, sports, music and dance. The number of ślokas in this work is:

Viṁśati Adhyāya Śloka
I. Rājyaprāptikaraṇa Viṁśati 20 308
II. Rājyasya Sthairyakaraṇa Viṁśati 20 1300
III. Upabhogasya Viṁśati 20 1820
IV. Vinoda Viṁśati 20 3219
V. Krīḍā Viṁśati 20 1375
Western Chalukya (973-1200)
Tailapa II (957 - 997)
Satyasraya (997 - 1008)
Vikramaditya V (1008 - 1015)
Jayasimha II (1015 - 1042)
Somesvara I (1042 - 1068)
Somesvara II (1068 -1076)
Vikramaditya VI (1076 - 1126)
Somesvara III (1126 – 1138)
Jagadhekamalla II (1138 – 1151)
Tailapa III (1151 - 1164)
Jagadhekamalla III (1163 – 1183)
Somesvara IV (1184 – 1200)
Veera Ballala II
(Hoysala Empire)
(1173 - 1220)
Bhillama V
(Seuna Empire)
(1173 - 1192)
(Kakatiya dynasty)
(1158 - 1195)


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Preceded by
Vikramaditya VI
Western Chalukya
Succeeded by
Jagadhekamalla II