Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969–1970

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Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969–1970
(UK release)
Beyond and Before: The BBC Recordings 1969–1970
(US release)
Live album by Yes
Released 14 October 1997 (UK)
28 April 1998 (US)
Recorded 1969–1970
Genre Progressive rock, psychedelic rock
Label New Millennium Communications
Alternative cover
US edition cover (Purple Pyramid)

Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969–1970 is a compilation of live recordings by the progressive rock band, Yes. They are the only live recordings to feature the band's original lineup. It is a compilation of the band's early performances on BBC radio. The two-disc set features liner notes from original guitarist Peter Banks, who was fired from the band shortly after these recordings were made.

The album was released only in 1997, with supervision and notes from Banks.

The US edition (licensed by Purple Pyramid, Cleopatra Records) is titled Beyond and Before: BBC Recordings 1969–1970.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Something's Coming"   Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim 7:38
2. "Everydays"   Stephen Stills 5:12
3. "Sweetness"   Jon Anderson/Clive Bailey/Chris Squire 4:14
4. "Dear Father"   Anderson/Squire 5:33
5. "Every Little Thing"   Lennon–McCartney 5:31
6. "Looking Around"   Anderson/Squire 3:40
7. "Sweet Dreams"   Anderson/David Foster 3:26
8. "Then"   Anderson 4:19
9. "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed"   Richie Havens 4:18
Disc two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Astral Traveller"   Anderson 6:01
2. "Then"   Anderson 5:15
3. "Every Little Thing"   Lennon–McCartney 6:49
4. "Everydays"   Stills 6:06
5. "For Everyone"   Anderson/Squire 4:35
6. "Sweetness"   Anderson/Bailey/Squire 5:16
7. "Something's Coming"   Bernstein/Sondheim 7:58
8. "Sweet Dreams"   Anderson/Foster 4:14
9. "Beyond & Before"   Squire/Bailey 5:28

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