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This article is about the UK youth TV programme. For other series with the same title, see Something Else (disambiguation).

Something Else is a British television programme broadcast on BBC2 from 1978 to 1982 and targeted at a youth audience. It began in 1978 on Saturday evenings and was the first example of the genre known as "youth (often deliberately misspelled as yoof) TV" encompassing unknown and largely untrained young presenters with undisguised regional accents, minimal scripting, magazine format, freeform discussion of contemporary concerns and performances by "alternative" bands.

The programme's influence was clear on subsequent shows such as The Tube, Oxford Road Show, Network 7 and The Word.[citation needed] It was also satirised by Not the Nine O'Clock News[citation needed] (as Hey Wow) which began that same autumn, and also in "The Young Ones" (as "Nozin' Aroun'").

It is remembered for capturing the last (and only nationally broadcast) TV appearance by Joy Division who performed Transmission and She's Lost Control live in the studio in September 1979 The Jam also appeared on the show with Eton Rifles, and The Clash performing Clash City Rockers and Tommy Gun, in their only televised performance for the BBC.