Sommarøy Bridge

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Sommarøy Bridge
Sommarøybrua - North end P1.jpg
The bridge to Sommarøya in Tromsø municipality
Carries 55
Crosses Sommarøysundet
Locale Tromsø, Troms, Norway
Material Cantilever bridge
Total length 522 metres (1,713 ft)
Longest span 120 metres (390 ft)
Coordinates 69°37′25″N 18°02′44″E / 69.62361°N 18.04556°E / 69.62361; 18.04556Coordinates: 69°37′25″N 18°02′44″E / 69.62361°N 18.04556°E / 69.62361; 18.04556

Sommarøy Bridge (Norwegian: Sommarøybrua) is a cantilever bridge connecting the islands of Kvaløya and Sommarøy in the Hillesøy area of the municipality of Tromsø in Troms county, Norway. The prestressed concrete bridge is 522 metres (1,713 ft) long and the longest span on the bridge is 120 metres (390 ft).[1][2]

Sommarøy Bridge has traffic lights to prevent accidents on the narrow bridge, although it has been reported that the traffic lights malfunction in windy weather.[3]


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