Somos Tú y Yo

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Somos Tú y Yo
Format Comedy/Musical
Starring Sheryl Rubio
Victor Drija
Rosmeri Marval
Aran de las Casas
Oriana Ramirez
Hendrik Bages
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 161 (67, 1st season) (95, 2nd season)
Producer(s) Maria Beatriz Padron
Vladimir Perez
Original channel Boomerang (Latin American TV channel), Venevisión, Telefutura
Original run June 2007 – On hiatus (3rd season in 2009)
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Somos tú y yo is a television series produced by Tigritos Media Productions C.A. and Venevisión in 2007 under the direction of Vladimir Perez, and recently broadcast on the channel Boomerang. Its second season started on July 2, 2008 which is transmitted at 18:00 h in Venezuela and is coming soon to Boomerang.

The show has been officially cancelled due to supposed complaints against it on CONATEL in Venezuela, forcing the producers to make the second season its last one, but recently Vladimir Perez announced a third season for 2009 and the series would be put on hiatus officially until August 17, the premiere of the third season. Its main competitor is Isa TKM.

This is the first Cebuano language-dubbed telenovela series to be aired on GMA Cebu, GMA Northern Mindanao, GMA Davao and GMA General Santos.


This story recounts the relationship between two young people (Sheryl and Victor). Beginning as friends, a deeper romantic relationship grows as they share their passion for music. All the while, popular girl Rosmery and popular boy Aran fight to keep Sheryl and Victor apart.


  • Sheryl Rubio:

She lives with her cousin Claudia as her mother is dead. She finds unconditional friendship and support in her boyfriend Victor. Sheryl is confident and a talented singer of 15 years.

  • Victor Drija:

He is many girls' fantasy guy: honest, enthusiastic, handsome and romantic. He is originally from Valencia, but his mother Monica was relocated for work (she is a radio producer) and his aunt Magaly (The owner of the Music Academy and Talent) gets him work in the small all-student college radio, "Date". He now lives in Caracas with his aunt Magaly and her two sons, his cousins, Nicolas and Jorge. Sheryl is his girlfriend and they share a common bond through music.

  • Rosmery Marval:

Along with Rosangela and Oriana, Rosmery forms the popular group dubbed the 'Sifrinas'. In the beginning, she becomes Aran's girlfriend, later breaking up and developing a crush on Victor, while Aran has a crush on Sheryl. The two team up to break up Sheryl and Victor. While at first they are successful in deceiving Victor into believing that Sheryl likes Aran, Sheryl and Victor discover their plot and get revenge. Her inseparable best friends, Oriana y Rosangela are sometimes forced to do dirty work in her vengeful schemes.

  • Aran de las Casas:

Aran is the hot boy of the Academy. His catch phrase is "Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't see the menu". He is a good looking, charming heartthrob who in the beginning is with Rosmery. When they break up however, he becomes interested in Sheryl (whom he calls 'guitarrita') who is with Victor. Together with Rosmery he unsuccessfully tries to break up the two. In the end, he becomes a kinder person, at least for now. He dreams of becoming a professional baseball pitcher.

  • Oriana Ramirez:

In the beginning she is Hendrick's girlfriend, but the relationship always has problems. She is self-centered and her main goal in life is to become a star. She is a part of the 'Sifrinas' along with her best friends Rosangela 'Rosi' and Rosmery 'Rosme'. Her typical attitude is 'if Hendrick is not mine, then he's nobody's'. Her relationship with Hendrick ends, and after another brief stint while Hendrick tries to make Sheryl jealous, remains over. She later finds love with an unsuspected person.

  • Hendrik Bages:

In the beginning he is with Oriana, but later begins to like Sheryl. He plays basketball, is fun, laid back and is Aran's best friend. In the end of season one, he and Yuvanna fall in love with each other and end up together. He also falls in love with Sheryl.


Somos Tu y Yo (Soundtrack)

# Song Title Cast
1. Somos Tu y Yo Sheryl & Victor
2. El Celular Cast
3. Rock & Roll de Aran Aran and Female Cast
4. Voy a Ganar Male Cast
5. Quisiera Que Vieras Claudia
6. Salga Sapo, Salga Rana Ricardo
7. Nunca Pasara Yuvana
8. Asi Somos Tu y Yo Victor
9. Cuando Me Miran Cast
10. Alegrame el Dia Hendrick
11. En la Radio Female Cast
12. Somos Tu y Yo (Ballad) Sheryl

Some confirmed songs of season 2[edit]

# Song Title Cast
13. Si tú no estás Sheryl & Victor
14. Hello amiguis hello Female Cast
15. Sé que cambié Claudia
16. Los reyes de la Playa Male Cast
17. Dimelo aquí Paola y Victor
18. Estoy Aqui Victor y Sheryl
19. La Fiesta Va Empezar Cast
20. Y Si Fuera Victor

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