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Somosomo is a chiefly village in Taveuni, which is the island where the International Date Line crosses on land in Fiji. This island is part of the Cakaudrove Province and the holders of the title of Tui Cakau,[1] the Paramount Chief of the Tovata Confederacy, are historically and traditionally linked to this village.

Famous persons from Somosomo[edit]

Fiji’s first President, Penaia Ganilau, was Tui Cakau and therefore a native of Somosomo.[2]

Chief Komaibatiniwai was from the noble family of Somosomo.


According to the myth, god who ruled over this village is Qurai.[3] There is a short discussion of traditional religion as practiced on Somosomo in J. G. Frazer's famous work, The Golden Bough.[4] Frazer describes belief in a continuity of divine nature between humans an deities, in which certain priests and chiefs were considered to be "sacred persons."


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Coordinates: 16°48′12″S 179°59′54″W / 16.803226°S 179.998455°W / -16.803226; -179.998455