Somov Sea

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Somov Sea as part of the Southern Ocean

The Somov Sea is a sea of the Southern Ocean and is located north of the easternmost part of the Antarctic subcontinent East Antarctica, north of Oates Coast, Victoria Land, and of George V Coast, between 150° and 170° East. West of it is D'Urville Sea.[1] East of Cape Adare, at 170°14' East, is the Ross Sea.[2]

The Somov Sea has an area of 1,150,000 km² and is up to 3000 meters deep.[3]

240 km north of the mainland coast are the Balleny Islands in the Somov Sea.

The Somov Sea was named in honor of Russian oceanologist and polar explorer Mikhail Somov, who between 1955 and 1957 was the commander of the first Soviet Antarctic Expedition.


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Coordinates: 67°00′S 160°00′E / 67.000°S 160.000°E / -67.000; 160.000