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In Hindu mythology, the Lunar dynasty (Somavansha, Chandravansha) also known as Ailas is one of the four principal houses of the Kshatriya varna, or warrior–ruling caste. This legendary dynasty was descended from the moon (Soma or Chandra), while the other principal houses, the Solar Dynasty (Suryavanshi) claims descent from the sun (surya), the Agnivanshi claim to have been born to the fire-god Agni, and the Nagavanshi claim to be descended from the Nagas, the sacred serpents, with the term vansh referring to descent.[citation needed] Within this family tree sub-branches such as Bharatvansha, Yaduvansha, Puruvansha, Kuruvansha, Panduvansha and others emerged, each named after a prominent progenitor of the line. Throughout history, various South Asian communities have claimed descent from Chandra through these lineages.

The legendary capital of the Lunar Dynasty was Pratisthana, said to be founded by Ila.[1]


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