Son of Dungeon Tape

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Son of Dungeon Tape
Studio album by The Triffids
Released 1988
Genre Rock, folk rock
Length 50:48
The Triffids chronology
Dungeon Tape
Son of Dungeon Tape
Jack Brabham Tape

Son of Dungeon Tape is a cassette tape by Australian folk rock group The Triffids.[1] This tape was only sold at the Triffids’ performances in early 1988. The tape was not simply a re-issue of the original Dungeon Tape with only five of the original tracks making it on to this compilation tape.

In 2010 the group issued a compilation box set, Come Ride with Me... Wide Open Road – The Deluxe Edition of 10× CDs with Disc 5 subtitled Grandson of Dungeon Tape which provides a selection from Dungeon Tape and Son of Dungeon Tape.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. "Red Pony"
  2. "Play Thing"
  3. "My Baby Thinks She's a Train"
  4. "M.G.M."
  5. "Too Hot To Move, Too Hot to Think"
  6. "Nothing Good Is Going to Come of This"
  7. "Family Name"
  8. "Madeline"

Side B[edit]

  1. "Twisted Brain"
  2. "I Can't Wait to See Your Gun"
  3. "Hours at a Time"
  4. "Man Who Can"
  5. "Son of Reverie
  6. "Son of Stand Up"
  7. "Branded"
  8. "Nothing Can Take Your Place"


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