Son of Man (2006 film)

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Son of Man
Son of Man FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Mark Dornford-May
Produced by Dimpho di Kopane
Starring Andile Kosi - Jesus
Release dates
  • January 22, 2006 (2006-01-22)
Running time
86 minutes
Country South Africa
Language Xhosa, with some English

Son of Man is a 2006 movie directed by South African director Mark Dornford-May. It was the first South African movie to make its debut at Sundance Film Festival.


The theme is "the story of Jesus reclaimed as an African fable: a simple concept becomes a remarkable cinematic experience in Son of Man."[1] The director dramatised the story of the life of Jesus in the situation of contemporary Africa and asks what would happen today, if someone in Africa came forward with the same message as Jesus:

"Andile Kosi plays Jesus, who is born in the state of Judea in southern Africa, where violence and poverty are rife. As civil war breaks out, Jesus demands that his followers forswear warfare and follow a life of peace."[2]


This movie was released September 9, 2006, in the Netherlands. The film received the first Veto-Jury prize at the Africa Filmfestival[3] in the Belgian university city Louvain on May 5, 2007. This jury was selected by the student magazine Veto, which brought in that way together seven students representing a number of faculties of the Catholic University of Leuven. The students gave the reasons for their award: "We selected a film which stimulates viewers to think and which does not leave them feeling indifferent. Musical beat, rapid rhythms, alternation of several styles and original shots ensure that the film is always stimulating. It is a film of a 'best-seller', but nothing is obvious in it; the story as we know it is turned upside down".


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