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Sonar is the name of a Belgian musical group, combining rhythmic noise, soundscapes, and industrial music. It was formed as a side-project of noise artists Dirk Ivens and Patrick Stevens.

Members / History[edit]

Sonar was founded by Dirk Ivens and employed the help of Patrick Stevens in 1996. The aim of Ivens's and Stevens's project was to "remind [one] to working machines, the soundscapes to droning planes." [1]. Both Ivens and Stevens have continued work on Sonar to this date, but also devote time to their other projects. Ivens is most well known for his solo-effort, Dive, as well as his stint in Klinik and Stevens for his project Hypnoskull. Please see the individual pages for more information on both artists.


  • Untitled, CD, Daft Records, 1996
  • Untitled, Picture LP, Ant-Zen, 1996
  • Rotation 7", Divine Comedy, 1996
  • On Mission Inside, 12", Drag & Drop, 1997
  • Live, K7, Escape 3 Organisation, 1997
  • Dislocated, 10", Ant-Zen, 1997
  • Connected, Picture LP, Triton 1998
  • Sonar Vs Muslimgauze (with Muslimgauze), 1998
  • Overdose Simulation, CD, Cop International, 1998
  • Cosmic Rays, 12", Hymen, 1999
  • Cosmic Live Rays, MCD, Eigen Beheer, 1999
  • Voodoo Vision, Picture 10", Triton, 1999
  • Remote Assault, CD, Daft Records, 2000
  • Parallel Friction, Picture 7", Klang Galerie, 2001
  • Volt Control, CD, Daft Records, 2003
  • Volt Revisited, 2x10", Hands Productions, 2003
  • Bad Man, CD-R, Eigen Beheer, 2005
  • Alien Overdrive, CD-R, KDX, 2006
  • Cut Us Up, CD, Ant-Zen, 2012

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