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Sonata may mean:

  • Sonata (music), a musical term for a piece played as opposed to sung
  • Sonata form, a way of organizing the composition of a work of music
  • Sonata, a trade name for Zaleplon, a sedative
  • The Sonata I, II, and III, computer cases manufactured by Antec
  • Hunter Sonata, a small racing and cruising yacht built by British boat builder Hunter Boats
  • Hyundai Sonata, a sedan automobile (saloon car) built by Hyundai Motor Company
  • Sonata Arctica, a Finnish power metal band
  • Sonata Watches, India's largest selling brand, made by Titan Industries
  • Winter Sonata, South Korean television drama
  • Eternal Sonata, a 2007 XBOX360 and 2008 PlayStation 3 game
  • Sonata (software), a GTK+-based GUI for the Music Player Daemon
  • Sonata Software, an Indian IT consulting and software services company
  • SONATA (software), Service-Oriented Netcoded Architecture for Tactical Anonymity (SONATA), a next generation overlay network, building further on software like TOR_(anonymity_network)