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For the archaeological site in the Apurímac Region, Peru, see Suntur. For the mountain in the Cusco Region, Peru, see Suntur (Cusco). For the district in Peru, see Sondor District.
Sondor Telecine

Sondor is a manufacturer of Audio Video equipment in Zollikon, Switzerland. Sondor was founded in 1952 by Willy Hungerbuehler. Sondor started as a manufacturer of 16 mm film and 35 mm film magnetic film equipment. They are noted as inventing the standard for bi-phase interlocking pulse signals to sync sound to film. Sondor added a film transport telecine to it line of film sound equipment. Sondor products are found in many in post-production studios for record and playback and in movie theater for sound playback. playback.

Sondor film transport telecines uses a spinning prizm telecine, current models are the NOVA and ALTRA.

Current Sound Film followers player-recorder are the: OMA E and BASIC. SOUNDHOUSE is a current product to add sound pick up to other telecines, like the Spirit DataCine.

The other major maker of sound followers is Magna Tech. DAT recorders and Direct to disk recording have replaced much of the work done on separate film sound followers.

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