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Single by Oasis
from the album Heathen Chemistry
B-side "(You've Got) The Heart of a Star"
"Columbia" (Live)
Released 3 February 2003
Format 7" vinyl, 12" vinyl, CD, DVD
Recorded 2001–2002
Genre Britpop
Length 2:08
Label Big Brother
Writer(s) Liam Gallagher
Producer(s) Oasis
Oasis singles chronology
"Little by Little / She Is Love"

"Songbird" is a song by English rock band Oasis, from their fifth studio album Heathen Chemistry.


Liam has said of the song: "I like beautiful things...It's not all dark in Liam World. I take me shades off every now and again and have a look at the world and see some nice things." Noel Gallagher stated jokingly in an interview with Patrick Kielty that Liam decided to "write a song about his bird", and states the title "Song... bird" in a cave man like manner. The song was written as a tribute to then-fiancée Nicole Appleton.[1] "Songbird" was composed in the key of G major using common time at 132 beats per minute.[2]

Release and other versions[edit]

The song was released as the fourth single from the band's Heathen Chemistry album, on 3 February 2003[4] and peaked at number 3 in the UK charts.[5] It is included on the band's compilation album Stop the Clocks.[6] Being written by lead singer Liam Gallagher,[7] it was the first time the band had released a single not written by his brother Noel. "(You've Got) The Heart of the Star" and "Columbia" are B-sides, the latter of which was recorded live at the Glasgow, in October 2001.[4] The music video was filmed in Hyde Park in London, and featured Liam playing an acoustic guitar under a tree, and alternately chasing and being chased by a dog. The video also has an appearance by Appleton.[1]

The demo of the song is a typical Oasis approach to the song, featuring overdriven guitar and a stronger beat, as well as a guitar solo. Courtney Love has said that she and Liam played a version with her whistling and Gallagher playing guitar and singing, this was noted in the book Kurt and Courtney: Talking. Gallagher played the song for UK Radio Aid in January 2005.[8]


Doug Levy for CMJ New Music Report said that Gallagher had a "surprising talent for songwriting", referring to "Songbird" and album tracks "Better Man" and "Born a Different Cloud".[9] Spin magazine's Chuck Klosterman said "Songbird" was one of the two "most compelling songs" on the album.[7]

Track listing[edit]

  • 7" (RKID 27)
  1. "Songbird" - 2:08
  2. "(You've Got) The Heart of a Star" - 5:22
  • 12" (RKID 27T)
  1. "Songbird" - 2:08
  2. "(You've Got) The Heart of a Star" - 5:22
  3. "Columbia" (Live) - 4:48
  • CD (RKIDSCD 27)
  1. "Songbird" - 2:08
  2. "(You've Got) The Heart of a Star" - 5:22
  3. "Columbia" (Live) - 4:48
  1. "Songbird" - 2:07
  2. "Songbird" (demo) - 2:48
  3. Exclusive interview and live performance footage - 13:48
  • Japanese CD edition
  1. "Songbird"
  2. "Songbird" (demo)
  3. "Columbia" (Live)

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