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Thames Town in snow, in the background is a replica bell tower from a church in Bristol.
Thames Town in snow, in the background is a replica bell tower from a church in Bristol.
Songjiang in Shanghai
Songjiang in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Songjiang District
Chinese 松江
Postal Map Sungkiang

Songjiang (Chinese: 松江; Shanghainese: Son-kaon), formerly romanized as Sungkiang, is a suburban district, formerly a county, of Shanghai. It has a land area of 605.64 km2 (233.84 sq mi) and a population of 1,582,398 (2010).[1]

Songjiang Town, the urban center of the district, was formerly the major city in the area. It is now connected to downtown Shanghai by Line 9 of the Shanghai Metro.

Songjiang was formerly known as Huating County (华亭县; 華亭縣), and was part of Jiangsu province.

Significant Features[edit]

Some of the notable features in Songjiang District include:

  • Songjiang New City is a major new-town development located within Songjiang District. It was developed as part of Shanghai's "One City, Nine Towns" plan. The New City will encompass an area of 60 square kilometers (23 sq mi) when completed, and will have a total population of 500,000 residents.[2] The New City reflects Garden City design principles, with a large proportion of land allocated to green-space and parks.
  • Thames Town is a residential and commercial development located within the Songjiang New City that both imitates and is influenced by classic English market town styles. Some of the architecture has been directly copied from buildings found in England.
  • Songjiang University Town is a major higher education sector located in the district. It is the largest higher education sector in mainland China.
  • Shanghai First People's Hospital has a campus located within the Songjiang New City.
  • Shanghai Film Studios are located in Songjiang District.


Songjiang District is served by Shanghai Metro Line 9. Metro stations located within Songjiang District include Songjiang Xincheng, Songjiang University Town, Dongjing, Sheshan, Sijing, and Jiuting.

Songjiang District is located approximately 25 kilometers (16 mi) from Hongqiao International Airport and 70 kilometers (43 mi) from Pudong International Airport.

Subdistricts and towns[edit]

Subdistricts: Yueyang Subdistrict (岳阳街道), Zhongshan Subdistrict (中山街道), Yongfeng Subdistrict (永丰街道), Fangsong Subdistrict (方松街道).

Towns: Jiuting (九亭镇), Sijing (泗泾镇), Maogang (泖港镇), Chedun (车墩镇), Dongjing (洞泾镇), Yexie (叶榭镇), Xinqiao (新桥镇), Shihudang (石湖荡镇), Xinbang (新浜镇), Sheshan (佘山镇), Xiaokunshan (小昆山镇).[3]

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