Songs of Pride...Charley That Is

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Songs of Pride...Charley That Is
Studio album by Charley Pride
Released 1968 (1971 UK)
Genre Country
Label RCA
Producer Chet Atkins, Jack Clement, Bob Ferguson & Felton Jarvis
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Songs of Pride...Charley That Is
Charley Pride in Person

Songs of Pride...Charley That Is is a studio album by Charley Pride on the RCA label (SF 8148/LSP 4041) released in 1968 (1971 in the UK from which the following track listing was obtained[1]). It reached number 6 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.[2]

Track listing[edit]


Side One

  1. "Someday You Will" (Foster/Rice)
  2. "She Made Me Go" (Foster/Rice)
  3. "The Right To Do Wrong" (Foster)
  4. "The Easy Part's Over" (Foster/Rice)
  5. "The Day You Stop Loving Me" (Buzzeo)
  6. "I Could Have Saved You The Time (Clement)

Side Two

  1. "One Of These Days" (Matthews)
  2. "All The Time" (Walker/Trillis)
  3. "My Heart Is A House" (Wimkler/Hathcock)
  4. "Let Me Help You Work It Out" (Foster)
  5. "Both Of Us Love You" (Lane)
  6. "The Top Of The World" (Irwin)