Songs of the Lincoln Battalion

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Songs of the Lincoln Battalion
Studio album by Baldwin 'Butch' Hawes, Bess Lomax Hawes, Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer.
Released 1944
Genre Folk
Label Asch
Producer Moses Asch

Songs of the Lincoln Battalion is a 1944 Asch album by three former members of the Almanac Singers: Baldwin 'Butch' Hawes, Bess Lomax Hawes and Pete Seeger, along with Tom Glazer. [1]

Track listing[edit]

Track Song Title By
1. Viva La Quince Brigada
(Long Live the 15th Brigade)
2. Jarama Valley Traditional
3. Spanish Marching Song Traditional
4. Cookhouse: The Young Man From Alcala Traditional
5. Quinto Regimento
(Fifth Regiment)
6. Quartermaster Song Traditional


  1. ^ The songs of this album were re-released on "The Sea, The Soil & The Struggle" on Naxos Records. Retrieved August 9, 2008.