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A songwriter workshop is a workshop where musicians learn the art of songwriting.


Workshops are held in private locations where musicians to shelter their ideas and creative process. Some workshops borrow a conference room; other workshops may occupy the basement of a local cafe. Songwriters take turns playing new material for the group—first without the group having access to the lyrics on paper. Therefore, the initial round of feedback is based on first impressions. Then, lyrics are distributed and the song is played once more.


The feedback from the participants are intended to stimulate and suggest rather than pressure the songwriter to change the material in a certain way. The participants usually leave with ideas on how to improve their songs.

Songwriter Workshop[edit][1] makes it possible to organize workshops or join already-established workshops on topics including songwriting, Sound recording, Digital distribution, Music promotion, performing a Concert, Video production, Album cover, money matters and how to make a living as a Music artist (occupation), gear and musical instruments.

BMI[2] lists some of the workshops in America.


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