Sonia Noemí

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Sonia Noemí
Birth name Sonia Noemí González
Origin Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Genres Latin Pop
Labels RCA

Sonia Noemi, (birth name Sonia Noemí González), born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, is an actress and singer, who is one of the pioneers of Puerto Rican television.


Alfred D. Herger, was the producer of her first album: "Si Yo Fuera una Reina", (If I were a Queen), *Sona-Rico, SR-1*. Sonia's hit single was: "El rebelde", a Spanish version of the hit song: "He's a Rebel", from The Crystals. Her second album was with RCA-Victor record label, in Mexico: "Baladas y boleros", (Ballads & Boleros), *MKL - 1626*. The hit single was "El Día", (The Day), written by the Mexican composer: "Luis Demetrio". Her third album, and second for RCA-Victor, in Mexico, named after her: Baladas Y Boleros con Sonia Noemí, *MKL - 1627*. Sonia Noemí, recorded her fourth album: " Mi Regreso", ( My Come Back) produced by her and Canal 4 Recording Studios with the collaboration of Lou Briel, *LAG, LP-1010*


Noemí, performed the leading roles of three films: "Dios te Salve Siquiatra", (May God Save you, Psychiatrist), the first Cuban motion picture filmed in the United States (Miami, Florida), produced and directed by Cuban comedian: Guillermo Alvarez Guedes, "El Curandero del Pueblo", (The Healing-man of the Town), starring with, Adalberto Rodriguez, "Machuchal", and Creature from the Haunted Sea, a Roger Corman film.

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