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This page is about the 17th-century Chinese politician. For the Russian mathematician, see Nikolay Yakovlevich Sonin.
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Hešeri.
Hešeri Sonin
Regent of the Qing Dynasty
In office
Serving with Ebilun, Suksaha, Oboi
Monarch Kangxi Emperor
Appointed by Empress Xiao Zhuang Wen
Personal details
Born 1601
Died 1667
Relations Empress Xiaochengren (granddaughter)
Yinreng (great-grandson)
Children Songgotu
Noble Rank 1st class Duke
Posthumous name Wenzhong 文忠

Sonin, (1601–1667) also known as Soni, and rarely Sony (Manchu: Sonin.png; Chinese: 索尼; pinyin: Suǒní), was a senior regent of the Four Regents during Chinese Kangxi Emperor's minority in the Qing Dynasty. Sonin was from the Hešeri clan, belonged to the Plain Yellow Banner.

Sonin was already a leading official during the reign of Kangxi's grandfather, Huang Taiji. His father, Shuose(Chinese:硕色)and uncle Xifu (Chinese:希福) were both fluent in Mandarin, Mongolian and Manchu, and therefore were awarded the Grand Councillors. Before the Shunzhi Emperor died, Sonin was appointed as one of the four regents to support the young Kangxi Emperor, along with Suksaha, Ebilun and Oboi. Sonin was the top of these four regents and ably helped the young emperor defend against Oboi (Oboi wanted to increase his own power over the Emperor). During the first years of Kangxi's reign, a power struggle ensued among the regents. Sonin was too old to exert his leadership. His son, Songgotu helped the young emperor to get rid of Oboi.

Sonin died in 1667.