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Sonny Kiriakis
Sonny Kiriakis 4.jpg
Days of our Lives character
Portrayed by Freddie Smith
Duration 2011—
First appearance June 23, 2011
Created by
Introduced by
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Co-owner of Common Grounds Café & Club TDB (with Chad DiMera)
Student at Salem University
Residence 316 Copper Lantern Drive, Apt. 17. Salem, USA

Jackson "Sonny" Steven Kiriakis is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, played by Freddie Smith. Sonny Kiriakis is the son of supercouple Justin Kiriakis and Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. Sonny was born off-screen in 1991. Sonny and his brothers returned in 2007, but were never shown on-screen. Sonny Kiriakis made history on Days of our Lives for being the first openly gay character.

Sonny first appeared on Days of our Lives on June 23, 2011 with his cousin Abby Deveraux. Sonny is a member of the wealthy and powerful, but heavily distrusted, Kiriakis family, yet they are more respected and more legitimate than their rivals, the DiMera family. Sonny was raised away from the drama of Salem, giving him a more trustworthy and moral personality. This character is currently involved in the show's first same-sex supercouple (commonly referred to by the portmanteau "WilSon") with Will Horton.[1][2]



Sonny came to town to spend more time with his family. When Sonny told Victor he was gay, Victor wasn't as mad as he thought he was but sad that Sonny would not have all the things that a heterosexual couple could have. Once T started to bully Sonny for being gay, every one stopped hanging out with T and he blamed Sonny for it. Victor caught T bashing Sonny and lightly threatened him by saying no one messes with a Kiriakis.

After creating a sports website for the school, Will, Sonny, and Chad found out that people was illegally using it for gambling. They tried to stop them by shutting down the site, but the people who owned the gambling site kidnapped Melanie and Chad and were going to kill them if they didn't bring the site back up. Sonny and Austin went inside to save the people caught.

Soon Sonny was thrown into the Kiriakis-DiMera feud, and Maggie and Chad was shot. Sonny and Chad orchestrated a meeting with the families to stop the fighting. They also tried to bring peace between EJ DiMera and Brady Black.

After seeing Will kiss a guy, Sonny helped Will become all right with who he is. Sonny helped Will with finding evidence to show that EJ was innocent. Over time Sonny started to develop feelings for Will, and after the Daysaster Sonny kissed Will and he and Will got into an argument. Once Will realized he had feelings for Sonny, he went to see him and saw Brian flirting with Sonny. After this Will slept with Gabi and later thought it was a mistake. When T told Will that Sonny still had feelings for him, Will went to see Sonny to clear things up and they started a slow process of dating. Will heard Adrienne say that he wasn't good enough for Sonny and canceled their date. Sonny found out what his mother said, told Will that he was good enough for him and they kissed. Will's father states his fears that Sonny was pushing him too fast and that he hardly knows anything about his boyfriend. After his disagreement with his dad, Will went back to Sonny's with the intent of having sex. After Will questioned Sonny about his sexual past, the two got into a fight, but they soon talked it out and made love for the first time.

Will soon found out Gabi was pregnant with his baby. Gabi wanted to get an abortion, but was caught by Sami and Rafe before it happened. Nick found out and Will, Gabi, and Nick decided to pass of the baby as his. Will gave the baby up because he didn't want the baby to be like him, going from place to place, and also because he was afraid he would lose Sonny. Sonny soon found out that Gabi was pregnant, but thought the baby was Nick's. Sonny and Will spent Christmas at the Kiriakis Mansion and Horton Mansion. After Chad decided to tell him what Gabi did to Melanie, Sonny cut all ties with Gabi and advised Will to do the same, but couldn't tell him. At New Year's Eve, Will found out Sonny's New Year's resolution had been to make Will fall in love with him and they had a loving moment. Sonny soon asks Will to move in with him and gives him a key. At Gabi's and Nick's wedding Will tells everyone he's the father of Gabi's baby, and then tells Sonny he did not want to lose him over this, but the couple breaks up. Will sees Sonny and Brian kissing, and Sonny goes back to Brian's apartment but refuses to have sex with him. Brian goes to the pub to imply to Will that he and Sonny had sex. Will receives a gift from Sonny on Valentine's Day, but then realizes Sonny sent it before they broke up.

Gabi goes into the hospital for a baby emergency and Sonny shows up to be there for Will. Sonny and Will go to the coffee shop where Sonny reads Will's letter, and he realizes that he can't be friends with Will because he still has feelings for him. Sonny and Will get back together and soon make love, only to get interrupted by Nick who blackmails Will by threatening to expose that he shot EJ. After Will signs away his parental rights, Sonny explains to Will that Nick wanted him out of his daughter's life because he is gay.

Sonny and Nick get into a fight over him blackmailing Will, and soon, Sonny offers his help to EJ to give Will back his parental rights, although he has a moral dilemma because he doesn't know if he wants revenge against Nick or to help Will. Sonny and Sami concoct a scheme to help Will get the flash drive on which Nick saved a private conversation of Will confessing he shot EJ. Sonny and Sami go through Nick and Gabi's room in the Kiriakis mansion to find the flash drive. After getting the flash drive and deleting the confession, Sonny sneaks back into the house and put the flash drive back.

Rafe soon found out why Nick was blackmailing Will to give up his paternity right and confronted Nick. That day, Rafe was attacked by a mysterious man and was sent to the hospital. Sonny and Will follow Nick, Gabi, and Jensen after Nick and Gabi looked scared. They find them at a boat house, and while Jensen was gone, they went to help Gabi and Nick.

Sonny helped Gabi give birth to her daughter, Arianna Grace, and is labelled a hero, along with Will who saved Nick's life. Sonny surprises Will by announcing that he put down a deposit for an apartment across the hall. He then proceeds to ask if Gabi and Arianna can move in with them. Will likes the idea and they ask Gabi. At first she's reluctant, but then agrees. Later, Sonny gets deeply involved in the cover-up of Nick's murder, which Gabi committed.

Sonny agrees to be the godparent of Arianna Grace, along with Abigail. In early 2014, Sonny proposes to Will. While he turns him down, the two agree that they will marry when both are ready. Will would later propose to Sonny on Valentine's Day. They married several months later in front of their family and friends at the Kiriakis mansion.


Laurisa Mahlin from Soap Central expressed that "Sonny came into town with a bag of awesome slung over his shoulder" and that she adores Justin and Adrienne's kid.[3] Tony from Soap Central also stated "Sonny has Justin' Charm, Adrienne's Common Sense, and Victor's persuasive streak."[4] The character of Sonny Kiriakis has been received well with critics and the audience. The Will and Sonny romance has also gained a lot of fan support and critical success, TV Guide has said that "While it took 45 years for the show to introduce it first openly gay character (Sonny) and another year and a half to find him a male partner (Will) the wait was well worth it. This steamy, star-crossed saga has had its drama to spare (paranoia, blackmail, impossible parents!), but its success lies in the fresh easy charm of these young men." TV Source Magazine named Will and Sonny best couple of 2012 in the Days of our Lives series, saying "One of the most refreshing thing about Will and Sonny's relationshp is it's portrayed just as any heterosexual couple. Watching them grow from friends to being in love was one of the highlights of the year for DAYS.[citation needed]

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