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The Sonoma County Water Agency (or SCWA) is the government agency responsible for managing the water resources of Sonoma County, California. Established in 1949 as a special district, it indirectly provides water to 598,000 people in the California counties of Sonoma, Marin, and Mendocino.[1]

Russian River Project[edit]

The agency is the local sponsor for the Federal flood protection and water supply projects known collectively as the Russian River Project. It manages the Project jointly with the United States Army Corps of Engineers.


In Mendocino County[edit]

Lake Mendocino

In Sonoma County[edit]

Lake Sonoma
Santa Rosa Creek Reservoir


Russian River


The Agency is a water wholesaler that primarily sells potable water to nine municipalities and water districts in two counties:[3]

Additionally, there are several smaller water companies and districts in Sonoma County that also receive water from the Agency. These include:

In total, the Agency provides water to a service area that includes 352,000 residents of Sonoma County and 246,000 in Marin County.[1]


Formed on October 1, 1949 by Chapter 994 of the California Statues of 1949, the Agency was originally called the Sonoma County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.[2] It has grown with the region it serves and now has an annual budget of over $170 million and employs 197 full-time equivalents.[4]

Although its board of directors is identical to the county's Board of Supervisors, the Agency is a separate legal entity with its own funding.[3] Since 1961, its board has had the right to sell bonds without voter approval.[1]

Its administrative offices are located at 404 Aviation Boulevard in Santa Rosa: 38°30′42″N 122°47′1″W / 38.51167°N 122.78361°W / 38.51167; -122.78361Coordinates: 38°30′42″N 122°47′1″W / 38.51167°N 122.78361°W / 38.51167; -122.78361.[5]


In 2009 the Sonoma County Water Agency was honored with the California Sustainability Alliance's Sustainability Showcase Award.[6] The award commended SCWA for their commitment to Carbon-Free Water by 2015 and for their use in innovative sustainability practices, programs, technologies and policies.[7]

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