Sonora Carruseles

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Sonora Carruseles
Origin Medellin, Colombia
Genres Salsa, Heavy Boogaloo
Years active 1995-Present
Labels Discos Fuentes
Website [1]
Members Mario Paz, Harold pelaez, Delfo Ballestas, Mario "Pachanga"Rincon, Hermidez Benitez, Fredy grisalez, Daniel Varela, JUan Pablo, Cesar Guzman,Carlos Mario Ortiz, El Baby I saza.

La Sonora Carruseles is a salsa band originating in 1995 from Colombia. They are currently established in Medellin Colombia. Their music has been featured in televised competitions such as So You Think You Can Dance.


Sonora Carruseles was grouped in the Colombian city of Medellin in 1995.They originally started as an experiment for Mario Rincón "Pachanga", who was musical director at Colombian based record company, Discos Fuentes. After a sound rehearsal, the project was approved and an album was released that same year. The group has released an album every few years and traveled most of Europe and Latin America. It is now half Colombian, with other members from Latin American countries.


Sonora Carruseles has been received well in many Spanish-speaking countries.[1][2]



Sonora Carruseles has released many albums over the years.[3]

  • Tropicaliente, (1997)
  • Heavy Salsa, (1998)
  • Salsa y Fuego, (1999)
  • Espectacular, (1999)
  • Sonora Carruseles, 2000 (2000)
  • De Una Vez Gozando, (2002)
  • Xtreme Salsa, (2003)
  • La Salsa La Traigo Yo, (2003)
  • Boogaloo is Here, (2003)
  • Que No Pare la Rumba, (2004)
  • Encuentro a 16 Rounds Titanes de la Salsa, (2004)
  • De Colombia para el Mundo, (2004)
  • Somos los Duros de la Salsa, (2006)
  • Mucho Mejor, (2008)
  • Maestro de la Salsa Dura, (2009)
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