Sons of Steel (1989 film)

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Sons of Steel
Directed by Gary L. Keady
Produced by James Michael Vernon
Release dates 1989
Country Australia
Language English
Budget A$3 million[1]

Sons of Steel is an Australian science fiction/fantasy, musical, movie written, directed and music directed by Gary L. Keady and produced by James M. Vernon.[2]


The film is set in Australia, where an accidental future time traveler finds himself going back in time to change events to prevent a calamity. It stars Rob Hartley as Black Alice (who performed most of the songs for the movie) and Australian musician Jeff Duff (who sang "The Burn").


The film is based on an original short called "Knightmare", written, co-directed and music directed by Gary L. Keady and co-directed by Yahoo Serious. Gary Keady developed the script for Sons of Steel from the short film, and the feature was shot in 1988.


The film had a box office release in 1989. Gary Keady and Nicholas Huxley won an Australian Film Institute (AFI) nomination for "best costume design" for Sons of Steel in 1989, and the film was nominated for best original Australian soundtrack at the 1989 Australian Record Industry Awards.

Sons of Steel premiered at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival and was released in thirty two countries. It won official selection at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film and was a finalist at the Festival of the Imagination, Clermont Ferrand, France in 1989.


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