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Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI)
Type Broadcast television network
Country Philippines
Slogan Where Everything is Possible
A World of Endless Posibilities
Key people
Apollo C. Quiboloy (founder)
Launch date
Former names
ACQ Broadcasting Network (1987-1992)
ACQ Worldwide Broadcast Ministries-Q Channel (1992-1998)
ETV-39 (1998-2001)
ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network (2005-2010)
Official website
SMNI website
Language Filipino

Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) is the broadcasting arm of a Philippine television evangelist, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. Based in Davao City, it is available via terrestrial broadcast, cable, satellite, and online streaming. Its single television channel maintains 24-hour service through regular repetition of a dozen self-produced Kingdom Programs in English and Tagalog. It also maintains a network of radio stations under the name "Sonshine Media Network International" of the Swara Sug Media Network. The main studios are located at JC Compound, Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, Catitipan, Davao City.

Licensed in late 2003 by the Philippine government to operate thirty-eight broadcast channels, they now operate thirty with plans to operate six more. Sonshine TV 43 Davao is on Air 24/7.

SMNI TV Programs[edit]


  • A Day in the life of the Appointed Son of God - Short on-trip segment on Give Us This Day features the activities of Pastor Apollo.
  • Daily Dose of David Axel - Nightly short segment on Give Us This Day with the Children's Joy Foundation kids
  • Give Us This Day (2003–present) - A nightly show featuring fellowship with the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, singing and sharing of victory reports from viewers and Kingdom citizens around the world.
  • Gospel of the Kingdom - A daily preaching program of Pastor Quiboloy featuring The King is Coming Tours from around the world. (also aired on IBC, KCNS, KIKU-TV, KVMD-TV, WSKY and Joytv)
  • Highest Praise – Music videos featuring Kingdom Original Music by the Kingdom Musicians.
  • Kingdom Upclose - Recent church happenings, including the activities of Pastor Quiboloy.
  • Mindanao Karon - A 1 hour Saturday morning news and commentary program hosted by Boy B'laan aired in the Teleradyo format simulcasting from DXRD 711 kHz Davao City
  • Newsline World (2006, 2011–present) (formerly Newsline) - SMNI's English late night newscast.
  • Newsline Philippines (2006–present) (formerly Newsline Pilipinas) - SMNI's morning news program in Filipino language. (It became the network's flagship newscast right after Newsline Mindanao go off the air during the rebranding of SMNI)
  • Powerline (1995–present) – A 1 and a half hour Filipino-language program of Pastor Quiboloy, where he discusses religious issues and answers queries.
  • Quiet Moments – An hour of instrumental praise and worship combined with scenic views from the Garden of Eden Restored.
  • Sonshine Kiddie Co. - this is the newest children's program that teaches good values.
  • Sounds of Worship - This program airs the Live Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation held in Davao City and different parts of the world.
  • The Passion of the Christ - Airs during Holy Week only (also aired on TV5 for the Filipino dubbed and censored version)


  • Christmas from the Heart (2003–present) - A Christmas program produced for the benefit of the Children's Joy Foundation, whose goal is "To Feed, To Clothe, and To Send to School Millions of Children in the Philippines".
  • Straight from the Heart


  • Batang Kaharian (lit. Kingdom Child) – A 30-minute religious education program for children sponsored by the Children's Joy Foundation.
  • Daily Light – An hour of instrumental praise and worship combined with scenic views.
  • Eagle's Eye
  • Generation K - a youth-oriented program produced in cooperation with the Keepers Club International.
  • I Am the Way – A 30-minute program of discussion of the Kingdom Doctrines based on the preaching of Pastor Quiboloy.
  • International Hour - a program that features bible studies and preachings in foreign languages, done by the Kingdom's world ambassadors.
  • Newsline Mindanao - SMNI's news program for Visayas/Mindanao edition. (Ironically, although the newcast's main language is Bisaya, it is the network's flagship newscast.)
  • News@12 - A 15-minute daily news program.
  • SMNI Election Watch (May 14, 2013)
  • State of the Nation Address Coverage (2013–present)
  • The Hour of Truth - 90-minute religious program (seen on IBC 13)
  • The Weekender World - Sonshine TV's 30-minute weekend news program.
  • Walk with the Son – A 60-minute program that features testimonies, "victory reports" and life stories .
  • Way Ahead - A 30-minute youth-oriented program.

SMNI's slogans[edit]

Branding Slogan Years Archive
ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network
Your Window To The Inner World
(Delivering the good news 24 hours a day 7 days a week,)
Sonshine Media Network International Service First, Right Here, Right Now, Worldwide 2006–August 2010
Sonshine Media Network International Where Christmas happens Everyday every December only
2006–2008; 2013
Sonshine Media Network International One World, One Wish, One Christmas every December only
Sonshine Media Network International
Alternative Media.
Alternative Power.
It Sustains Life./Informs.
August–November 2010
Sonshine Media Network International
Where Everything is Possible 2011–Present
Sonshine Media Network International
A World of Endless Possibilities September 2012–Present

SMNI Stations Nationwide[edit]

SMNI TV stations in the Philippines[edit]

SMNI TV Nationwide[edit]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location (Transmitter site)
SMNI TV-43 Davao DXAQ-TV TV-43 50 kW Originating Davao
SMNI TV-39 Manila** DWBP-TV TV-39 60 kW Originating Metro Manila
SMNI TV-46 Abra DWFQ-TV TV-46 1 kW Planned Abra
SMNI TV-36 Baguio DWBQ-TV TV-36 5 kW Originating Baguio
SMNI TV-35 Laoag DWLQ-TV TV-35 5 kW Originating Laoag
SMNI TV-30 Vigan DWVQ-TV TV-30 1 kW Relay Vigan
SMNI TV-27 La Union DWUQ-TV TV-27 1 kW Relay San Fernando, La Union
SMNI TV-28 Dagupan DWBR-TV TV-28 5 kW Originating Dagupan
SMNI TV-33 Tuguegarao DWTQ-TV TV-33 2.5 kW Relay Tuguegarao
SMNI TV-37 Isabela DWIQ-TV TV-37 2.5 kW Originating Santiago, Isabela
SMNI TV-28 Baler DWJQ-TV TV-28 1 kW Planned Baler
SMNI TV-30 Tarlac DWDQ-TV TV-30 1 kW Relay Tarlac
SMNI TV-30 Cabanatuan DWAY-TV TV-26 1 kW Planned Cabanatuan
SMNI TV-32 Pampanga DZDQ-TV TV-32 1 kW Relay San Fernando, Pampanga
SMNI TV-26 Lucena DWQQ-TV TV-26 2.5 kW Relay Lucena
SMNI TV-30 San Pablo DZSP-TV TV-30 2.5 kW Relay San Pablo, Laguna
SMNI TV-34 Occidental Mindoro DWJQ-TV TV-34 1 kW Planned Occidental Mindoro
SMNI TV-40 Calapan DWMQ-TV TV-40 5 kW Relay Calapan
SMNI TV-39 Palawan DYPQ-TV TV-39 1 kW Originating Puerto Princesa
SMNI TV-26 Naga DWNQ-TV TV-26 5 kW Originating Naga
SMNI TV-35 Legazpi DWAQ-TV TV-35 5 kW Relay Legazpi
SMNI TV-21 Virac DWKQ-TV TV-21 1 kW Relay Virac, Catanduanes
SMNI TV-31 Sorsogon DWSQ-TV TV-31 1 kW Relay Sorsogon
SMNI TV-31 Daet DWER-TV TV-31 5 kW Planned Daet
SMNI TV-26 Masbate DYMQ-TV TV-26 1 kW Relay Masbate
SMNI TV-35 Kalibo DYKQ-TV TV-35 1 kW Relay Kalibo, Aklan
SMNI TV-39 Roxas DYRQ-TV TV-39 1 kW Relay Roxas
SMNI TV-30 Iloilo DYAQ-TV TV-30 2.5 kW Originating Iloilo
SMNI TV-36 Antique DYGR-TV TV-36 2.5 kW Planned Antique
SMNI TV-42 Bacolod DYXQ-TV TV-42 1 kW Originating Bacolod
SMNI TV-21 Sipalay DYSP-TV TV-21 1 kW Planned Sipalay
SMNI TV-35 Cebu DYBQ-TV TV-35 10 kW Originating Cebu
SMNI TV-22 Dumaguete DYYQ-TV TV-22 5 kW (150.7 kW ERP) Relay Dumaguete
SMNI TV-30 Tagbilaran DYHQ-TV TV-30 1 kW Relay Tagbilaran
SMNI TV-40 Tacloban** DYLQ-TV TV-40 5 kW Originating Tacloban
SMNI TV-42 Ormoc DYOQ-TV TV-42 1 kW Relay Ormoc
SMNI TV-34 Calbayog DYCR-TV TV-34 1 kW Relay Calbayog
SMNI TV-27 Catbalogan DYEQ-TV TV-27 1 kW Planned Catbalogan
SMNI TV-39 Zamboanga DXZQ-TV TV-39 5 kW Originating Zamboanga
SMNI TV-28 Dipolog DXDR-TV TV-28 1 kW Relay Dipolog
SMNI TV-32 Pagadian DXDP-TV TV-32 1 kW Relay Pagadian
SMNI TV-37 Cagayan De Oro DXCQ-TV TV-37 5 kW Originating Cagayan De Oro
SMNI TV-39 Iligan DXIQ-TV TV-39 1 kW Relay Iligan
SMNI TV-21 Malaybalay DXMQ-TV TV-21 1 kW Planned Malaybalay
SMNI TV-27 Ozamiz DXOQ-TV TV-27 1 kW Relay Ozamiz
SMNI TV-43 Digos DXDQ-TV TV-43 1 kW Relay Digos
SMNI TV-22 General Santos DXGQ-TV TV-22 5 kW Originating General Santos
SMNI TV-42 Koronadal DXKQ-TV TV-42 1 kW Relay Koronadal
SMNI TV-31 Kidapawan DXNQ-TV TV-31 1 kW Relay Kidapawan
SMNI TV-29 Cotabato DXTQ-TV TV-29 5 kW Relay Cotabato
SMNI TV-31 Surigao DXSQ-TV TV-31 5 kW Relay Surigao
SMNI TV-39 Butuan DXUQ-TV TV-39 5 kW Originating Butuan
SMNI TV-20 Tandag DXTR-TV TV-20 1 kW Relay Tandag
SMNI TV-28 Jolo DXJQ-TV TV-28 1 kW Relay Jolo, Sulu

SMNI TV on Cable Television[edit]

Cable Provider Ch. # Coverage
Cignal Digital TV Coming Soon Nationwide
G Sat Coming Soon Nationwide
Cablelink 75 Metro Manila
Destiny Cable 97 Metro Manila
SkyCable 162 (Digital) Metro Manila

Sonshine Radio stations in the Philippines[edit]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Sonshine Radio* DZAR 1026 kHz 50 kW Metro Manila
Sonshine Radio Laoag* DWAR 819 kHz 5 kW Laoag
Sonshine Radio Dagupan DZRD 981 kHz 5 kW Dagupan
Sonshine Radio Tuguegarao DZYT 765 kHz 5 kW Tuguegarao
Sonshine Radio Ilagan DZYI 711 kHz 5 kW Ilagan, Isabela
Sonshine Radio Santiago DWSI 864 kHz 5 kW Santiago, Isabela
Sonshine Radio Cabanatuan* DWAY 1332 kHz 5 kW Cabanatuan
Sonshine Radio San Pablo* DZSP 864 kHz 5 kW San Pablo
Sonshine Radio Cebu* DYAR 765 kHz 5 kW Cebu
Sonshine Radio Zamboanga* DXYZ 963 kHz 5 kW Zamboanga
Sonshine Radio Davao* DXRD 711 kHz 10 kW Davao
Kingdom Radio DXAQ 1404 kHz 15 kW Davao Central
Sonshine Radio Cagayan De Oro* DXCL 1098 kHz 5 kW Cagayan De Oro
Sonshine Radio General Santos* DXRE 837 kHz 5 kW General Santos
Sonshine Radio Cotabato DXRO 945 kHz 5 kW Cotabato
Sonshine Radio Butuan DXRB 873 kHz 5 kW Butuan
Sonshine Radio Bislig DXBL 801 kHz 1 kW Bislig

*Formerly owned by Nation Broadcasting Corporation (now owned by TV5, the company that airs Radyo5 92.3 News FM and AksyonTV) under the name Angel Radyo from 1998 to 2005. **Formerly Inactive.


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