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Sony Cinescore is a professional soundtrack and digital music creation software developed by Sony Creative Software. The current version is 1.0c and works only on Microsoft Windows.

Cinescore is valued by hobby and professional videographers for its ability to easily generate royalty free music for use with video productions.


Sony Creative Software announced in November 2009 that Cinescore would be discontinued and no longer available as of December 31, 2009.[1]

Themes Produced[edit]

  • Essentials: Cinescore shipped with this 20 theme pack
  • The Ideal Vacation: 10 themes
  • Incredible Vistas: 10 themes
  • Baby: 10 Themes
  • Champions: Music for Sports Highlights
  • Pass the Ring: 10 Themes intended for wedding videos
  • High Tech World: 10 themes
  • The Big Picture: Atmospheric Music for Film
  • Urban 24/7: City Soundmaps
  • Take Five: Leisure Soundtracks
  • Reel Rock: Rock Music Gems for Film
  • Hyperculture: New Media Soundtracks
  • Adrenaline Surge: High Energy Lifestyle
  • Home Soundtrack Volume 1: 5 themes (may be duplicates of other theme packs?)
  • Home Soundtrack Volume 2: 5 themes (may be duplicates of other theme packs?)

list may not be complete

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