Sood Sanae Ha

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Sood Sanae Ha
Ann Thongprasom.jpg
Ann Thongprasom stars as Khun Alin on the Thai lakorn Sood Sanae Ha
Directed by Ampaiporn Jitmai-ngong
Starring Theeradej Wongpuapan
Ann Thongprasom
Opening theme Theme Song by Sai Fahrenheit
Ending theme Ordinary People by Chin Chinawut
Country of origin Thailand Thailand
Original language(s) Thai
No. of episodes 16
Producer(s) Hathairat Amatavanit
Location(s) Thailand
Running time Wednesday - Thursday
Original channel Channel 3
Original release October 2009 – 2009

Sood Sanae Ha (Thai: สูตรเสน่หา; rtgsSut Saneha) is a 2009 Thai lakorn (telenovela) starring Ken Theeradej Wongpuapan and Ann Thongprasom that originally aired on Channel 3 (Thailand).


The story revolves around Alin (Ann Thongprasom) a 30 year old Nang Ek (นางเอก: soap opera star) with an over inflated sense of her own celebrity. Aware that her career is on the wane because of her age and much younger competition, Alin is looking to marry the "right" man; handsome, rich, famous, with a prestigious name and a mansion to match. When she is contacted by Television producer Khun Lek Anucha (Willy McIntosh) to audition as a celebrity chef for his new TV cooking show, Alin quickly accepts but lies about her lack of cooking skills. She immediately falls in love with Khun Lek the first time they meet and hatches a plan marry him.

While Alin's reputation is that of a typical prim and proper actress, in reality she is stubborn, spoiled, conceited, and child-like. Desperate to land the cooking show job, Alin hires the earnest apprentice chef Din/Pasu (Theeradeth Wonpuapan) to quickly teach her how to cook. The two opposite personalities immediately clash but soon come to appreciate one another. Through the course of the story, Alin develops feelings for Din while questioning her desire to marry the "perfect man" Khun Lek.


Supporting Cast

  • Niti Samutkojorn as Khom-Patikhom
  • Nithichai YotAmornSunthorn as Lom-Wayu
  • Panward Hemmanee as Ming-Durarat Utsanee
  • Sinitha Boonyasak as Nam-Warin
  • Penpak Sirikul as Fa-Napha


Year Award Category Result
2009 Nataraja Awards Best Arrangement Nominated
Nataraja Awards Best Actor (Theeradeth Wongpuapan) Won
Nataraja Awards Best Actress (Ann Thongprasom) Won


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