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EP by Far
Released 1997
Recorded Enharmonik Studios
Genre Alternative rock, indie rock
Length 14:44
Label Immortal

Soon in an EP released in 1997 by American rock band Far.

It contains two songs later released on their 1998 release "Water & Solutions", an acoustic version of a song released on their earlier release "Tin Cans With Strings To You", and one song previously unreleased. This EP was a limited release and has long been out of print, it is extremely hard to find.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Bury White"   3:08
2. "Mother Mary"   2:16
3. "Sorrow's End" (Acoustic) 4:44
4. "Savory" (Jawbox cover) 4:36

Additional notes[edit]

  • The cover for this EP is actually a sticker, the back side of it contains the following information about the recording.

Hi -

So here's a little taste of the new stuff. This is obviously a reminder that there's a full record coming out early next year, but we tried to make it a bit more than an advertisement. 'Bury White' and 'Mother Mary' are two of our favorite new ones, but we love the whole thing.

The versioan of 'Sorrow's End' (originally on 'Tin Cans'...) comes from an interview thing we did last year with Westwood One. Thanks to Julie Duffy & Co. for a beautiful recording. There's an acoustic version of 'Girl' we did at the same time that might turn up somewhere down the line.

'Savory' is a Jawbox song, and if you haven't heard them you should. They're an amazing band. We've been friend with the Deftones for 6-7 years now, and we're always saying we're gonna do something together, so we finally did. Sloppy and fun, recorded in a few hours here in Sac. Stef played bass and Johnny played guitar, Chris & Abe switched at the end of the tune, Shaun took his first solo ever, Chino and Jonah just sang 'til the tracks were full :)... just playing a song that we all love. Special thanks to Stenman for getting the mess on tape.

The photo on the back was taken by our friend Patrick Haley. It reminds us of how transcendent a show can be when everyone lets go and gets involved. Thanks to him for capturing that beautiful moment. Also, thanks to Scottie for the sticker idea. While I'm at it, thanks to everyone that helped make this little idea real.

It means a lot to us that you listen to our music, dance to it, sing it, are inspired by it. Thank you. Enjoy the new stuff and the weird stuff. We can't wait for you to hear the rest. See you at the shows - Far

  • "Savory" was later released on a compilation CD titled The Bands That Stole X-Mas and the Deftones B-Sides & Rarites release.


Additional musicians[edit]