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The siblings Muktabai, Sopan, Dnyaneshwar and Nivruttinath seated on the flying wall greet Changdev seated on a tiger. In the centre, Changdev bows to Dnyaneshwar.

Sopan(संत सोपानदेव) was a Hindu bhakti Saint and also younger brother of Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Sopan means a new chapter in India, and means polite in Indonesian. In Bengali or Sanskrit, Sopan means level, stair or step . And in Sanskrit, it can also be referred as "ladder to heaven".

Sopan was named so by his parents Vitthal Govind Kulkarni and Rukmini because Nivrutti and Dnyan was the sopan or ladder to mukti or salvation. He had two brothers and a sister. Sopandev was a younger brother, who attained ‘samadhi' at Saswad near Pune. He wrote a book "Sopandevi" based on the Bhagvadgita's Marathi interpretation along with 50 or so abhangas. He and his siblings were harassed by society due to their father taking Sanyasa when His wife was still alive.