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Sophia Search Limited
Industry Software
Founded 2007
Founder Dave Patterson
Vladimir Dobrynin
Headquarters San Francisco, USA
Key people
Dave Patterson
Chris J Horn
Products Business Intelligence, Semantic Search, Discovery, and E-Commerce

Sophia’s ‘Ambiance™’ technology is an artificial intelligence (AI) based e-commerce solution that solves the problem of online ad blindness.

Ambiance™ uses sophisticated contextually aware content analytics to marry both sides of the e-commerce equation – enabling consumers to discover relevant products in real time and publishers and e-tailers to substantially increase revenues.

Through associating web content with products people want to buy, it eliminates the need to invade consumer privacy through tracking techniques and click-through rates are up to an order of magnitude greater than current industry standards.

Sophia is a venture backed company with offices in San Francisco, CA, Belfast, Northern Ireland & St. Petersburg, Russia.


Sophia began life as a campus company in the University of Ulster and Saint Petersburg State University currently maintaining offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and San Jose, California. It also has an R&D base in St Petersburg, Russia. It is privately funded; having raised the largest ever private investment round, via an Angel Investor(s), in Northern Ireland history.

The name Sophia is taken from the Greek word for Wisdom


The Company's mission is to deliver the world’s ultimate Ambient Commerce Platform, and herald a step change for e-commerce and digital content monetization


Its core product, the Sophia Digital Librarian, automatically enriches each document with semantic metadata (such as Topic, concepts, document tags & semantic tags). This Metadata can then be leveraged by other tools, such as search and content management systems, to radically improve the findability of information. The tool has a key focus on discovery of new information. The Sophia Digital Librarian does not rely on Taxonomies, ontologies, thesauri or any type of background knowledge nor does it require any training. It is built on a model of Linguistics called Semiotics, which explains how humans understand the meaning of signs, symbols and text.

This knowledge can be used to in conjunction with existing search tools, such as MS FAST, Google Search Appliance and Lucene/Solr to search semantically and to significantly improve the findability of indexed content. It can also be used to enrich content held within Content Management Systems (CMS) such as SharePoint, Documentum, and MarkLogic.


The company has won a number of awards for its products including:


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