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Sophie Devereaux is a fictional character from the TV series Leverage, played by Gina Bellman. She is the team's grifter and is an aspiring actress and director. Sophie is an alias and through the series her true identity and name are never revealed. Sophie speaks several languages and is also able to imitate accents with high proficiency. Sophie was an art thief before joining the Leverage crew and was chased several times by Nathan "Nate" Ford during his time as an insurance investigator. She is the only member of the crew who was not recruited by Victor Dubenich in the pilot episode. She was chosen by Nate.

Character history[edit]

In "The King George Job", it is suggested that she is a duchess though the name she uses, Charlotte, is revealed to be her stage name. It is suggested that she is regarded poorly in England, as she offers a man a letter of introduction and he replies that it would hurt his chances of joining the aristocracy. She also had a fiancée before leaving England. Nate met her 10 years before the show begins and had pursued her several times for art theft. They were attracted to each other but Nate never cheated on his wife. At some point, Sophie briefly had a relationship with a friend/lover who was an artist named John Mettier that painted her nude. The painting, called Mon Mystère, was not to be shown until Sophie's death. Sophie has numerous artifacts from her life as a thief when she joins the Leverage crew but she has already given up crime. She is working as an actress in the U.S. when recruited.

During the first season, Sophie is interested in getting together with Nate but he is still mourning the death of his son and his recent divorce. During a wedding ceremony, he hints that he needs more time. In "The First David Job" Sophie uses the Leverage crew to steal a statue of David, which she sells as revenge to Nate. The job goes sour and the group loses trust in Sophie because "you don't con your own crew."

Sophie has a boyfriend briefly in season two but still wants to be with Nate. The boyfriend breaks up with her in episode 4 after telling her that he feels like she never says anything about herself; as he leaves, he calls her "Katherine." In "The Two Live Crew Job", Sophie is recognized by Marcus Stark, a grifter and forger who she worked with for a few years during her criminal years. She was delivered a bomb by a member of her crew and was buried under the name Katherine Clive, a name she says most people know her by. Sophie was not killed, but the event made her rethink her life as a nameless grifter. She leaves the crew to "find herself" in Europe and presses Nate to admit that he wants her back, not that the crew needs her. (In reality, this development was a plot device to cope with the actress' maternity leave.) Sophie sends her friend, a fellow grifter named Tara, to watch over the crew and Nate, and to be their grifter, while she is gone. The crew calls her often for help and advice.

Sophie returns at the end of season 2, after Nate finally admits to wanting her himself, but Nate makes a deal that lands him in prison. They kiss but Sophie slaps him immediately afterwards. While Nate is in jail, Sophie reveals her true name to the group. She refuses to tell Nate until he earns the privilege. Sophie and Nate sleep together at the end of season 3 and Nate learns her name as well, although subsequent episodes suggest that he was sufficiently drunk at the time that he has forgotten the name she told him.

In season 5, Sophie and Nate are still together. In the final episode, Nate proposes, calling Sophie "Lara". On the way out, Sophie comments that "Lara" is not her real name to which Nate replies, "I know."


Sophie is a terrible actress unless she is conning someone which is demonstrated many times. She also cannot sing. When on a con though, Sophie can play almost any role convincingly. In season 5, Sophie buys a theatre and becomes an acting coach and director. Though her methods are strange, her first play, MacBeth, does very well. She also uses her theatre students for various cons, including a flash mob in a department store in the episode "The Low Low Price Job."

Aside from her main role as a grifter, Sophie shows some other skills. She is very skilled at reading people and can pick out candidates to be hypnotized. She displays minimal proficiency in traditional theft skills, such as lock picking and pickpocketing. Sophie coaches the other members of the crew on proper grifting and is the only member who regularly challenges Nate when he proposes dangerous missions.

Sophie acts as something of the mother figure in the group. Sophie also takes an active interest in Parker, attempting to help her with her social skills and persuasion techniques.