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Sophie Fiennes
Born Sophia Victoria Twisleton Wykeham-Fiennes
(1967-02-12) 12 February 1967 (age 47)
Occupation Film director, producer
Parents Mark Fiennes
Jennifer Lash
Relatives Joseph Fiennes (brother)
Ralph Fiennes (brother)
Magnus Fiennes (brother)
Martha Fiennes (sister)

Sophia Victoria Twisleton Wykeham-Fiennes[1] (/ˈfnz/; born 12 February 1967),[1] known as Sophie Fiennes,[2] is an English film director and producer.


After a foundation course in painting at Chelsea School of Art, Fiennes worked with the director Peter Greenaway from 1987 to 1992. She managed the UK based dance company The Michael Clark Company from 1992 to 1994 and began making her own films in 1998. With Greenaway she worked on films and TV projects including Drowning by Numbers, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and Prospero's Books. She was commissioned by BBC 2’s radical arts series TX to make a film about her friend and collaborator Michael Clark. It was screened at film festivals in Monaco, Toronto and Sydney..


Show and Tell[edit]

Made for ZDF/Arte is about Les Ballets C. de la B.’s dance performance VSPRS. A the dimensions of ecstasy and trauma that form the core of the performance are captured, whilst interviews with Platel and the dancers themselves are also included.

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema[edit]

Fiennes' documentary The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, is written and presented by the philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Žižek.[citation needed]

Fiennes and Žižek have completed shooting on a followup, The Pervert's Guide to Ideology.[3] The format is similar, with Žižek speaking from within reconstructed scenes from films.[4] This time the films include Full Metal Jacket, Taxi Driver, They Live and The Sound of Music.


She is the daughter of photographer Mark Fiennes and novelist/painter Jini Fiennes (Jennifer Lash), and the sister of Ralph, Martha, Magnus, Joseph and Jacob Fiennes. Her foster brother, Michael Emery, is an archaeologist.


Sophie Fiennes was awarded a NESTA fellowship in 2001.


  • 1998 Lars from 1-10
  • 2001 Because I Sing
  • 2002 Hoover Street Revival
  • 2005 Ramallah! Ramallah! Ramallah!
  • 2006 The Pervert's Guide to Cinema
  • 2007 VSPRS Show and Tell
  • 2010 Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow
  • 2012 The Pervert's Guide to Ideology


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