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Sophus Christian Munk Aars (1 October 1841 – 1931) was a Norwegian civil servant and writer.

He was a son of priest and politician Nils Fredrik Julius Aars (1807–1865) and his wife Sofie Elisabeth Stabel.[1] He was a grandson of priest and politician Jens Aars and a first cousin of banker and politician Jens Ludvig Andersen Aars. He was a second cousin of philosopher Kristian Birch-Reichenwald Aars and architect Harald Aars.[2] In 1885 he married Marie Fredrikke Schydtz (1804–1886).[1]

Munk enrolled as a student in 1861, and graduated with the cand.jur. degree in 1868. He was hired as a civil servant in the Norwegian Ministry of the Interior from 1872, and worked there until 1917. He was better known for his several books, having "won himself a name in the literature" of the day, starting with 1886's I skoven ('In the Forest'). Most of his books were about the forest and wildlife.[1]


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