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Kaori Tanaka (田中 香 Tanaka Kaori?, born April 18, 1969), also known by her pen name, Soraya Saga (嵯峨 空哉 Saga Soraya?), is a Japanese illustrator, designer, and video game story writer.


Final Fantasy[edit]

Soraya joined Squaresoft as a graphic designer in the early 1990s through an advertisement in ASCII computer magazine.[1] Soraya was a graphic designer at Squaresoft for Romancing SaGa, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy IV: Easy Type.)[2] She helped create the characterization for Final Fantasy VI characters Edgar and Sabin, beginning by choosing two playable character classes, in this case monk and machinist, choosing the desert as a setting, and then creating an extensive character background in a private booklet for herself.[1]


Soraya and her husband Tetsuya Takahashi submitted a script for Final Fantasy VII which was called "too dark" and "complicated" for a fantasy game, but were allowed to start a new project based on the script, which was worked into a full treatment with cutscenes, eventually being released under the name Xenogears.[3] The story was inspired by the writing pair's interest in Jung, Nietzsche, and Freud, addressing questions of "where do we come from, what are we, where are we going".[3] Soraya and Takahashi went on to write the plot of Xenosaga Episode I, Xenosaga Episode II, and Xenosaga Pied Piper.[2] Xenosaga's use of many biblical references and the influence of other religions reflected Soraya's interest in belief and its power.[3] KOS-MOS was designed by Takahashi, reflecting a reversed view of human construction, giving the character a powerful body and fragile soul.[3] Several designs that were not used were created by designers Kunihiko Tanaka and Kouichi Mugitani.[3] Originally intended to be six games, the series was cut short, and many plot points had to be changed and moved because of the second episode's plot.[3]

At some point during the production of Xenosaga Episode II, Saga was informed that her services would no longer be needed in the production of the remaining installments of the series.[2]

Later works[edit]

She also helped develop the story for Soma Bringer.[1] She also did a draft for Monolith Soft in 2000 for a sci-fi RPG called "Titus 12".[3]



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