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Sorcery in Concert.jpg
Sorcery in Concert
Background information
Origin Hollywood, California
Genres Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Years active 1976-1987
Labels EMI Records
Associated acts Headmistress Band Rocktober Blood Movie
Past members Richard Taylor
Richie King
Perry Morris
Greg McGee
David Glen Eisley

The rock band Sorcery were from Hollywood and Los Angeles, California[1] circa 1976 to 1987 and recognized around the world for their live stage show, which incorporated a magic theme, along with their music and films they appeared in.


Sorcery's stage show was created by founding member Richard "Smokey" Taylor and first seen in 1976. Richard's vision of the live stage show, which by many was considered the beginning of "Rock Theatre" consisted of a "Hard-Rock" band, and the addition of two master magicians in the on-stage battle of "Good vs. Evil". Paul Haynes would be playing the part of "Merlin" and Curtis James Hyde playing the part of the "Devil". Haynes and Hyde were also honorary members of the "Magic Castle" in Hollywood, California. Band members are Perry Morris (drummer and band leader), Lead guitarist Richard Taylor, and bass player Richie King. The original lead singer for Sorcery was Greg Magie. Their live stage show was billed as "The King of the Wizards against the Prince of Darkness" and played only a small number of shows ("gigs") before they were signed in Jan./1978.

They were signed to appear in the film Stunt Rock in 1977 and to provide the film's soundtrack (EMI) Records. In addition to Stunt Rock, the musicians in Sorcery did other motion picture soundtracks, and appeared on a number of "Dick Clark" TV specials. Taylor, King and Morris worked outside the Sorcery band doing "TV Bumper and movie background music", and commercial jingles in the L.A. studios. This Sorcery band headlined every "gig" they ever played including gigs with Van Halen, and whose members were endorsed by major musical instrument manufacturers, such as the Ludwig Drum company, Hamer Guitars and the B.C. Rich Guitar company. They were members of S.A.G,(Screen Actors Guild) AFTRA (American Federation of Television & Radio Artists) and the Musicians Union (Local 47) in Hollywood Ca.

Band members[edit]

  • Richard Taylor - guitar, keyboards (1976-1987)
  • Richie King - bass (1976-1987)
  • Perry (Pere') Morris - drums (1976-1987)
  • Greg McGee - vocals (1976-1979)
  • David Glen Eisley - vocals (1980-1983)

Guest Musicians[edit]

  • Joe Porcaro - percussion (Stunt Rock Lp 1978)
  • Doug Loch - keyboards (1978)
  • Steve Hendren - keyboards (1982)
  • Lon Cohen - guitar (1983-1984)
  • Paul Haynes played Merlin
  • Curtis James Hyde played Satan


Sorcery's drummer Perry Morris, an L.A. session drummer who played with many artists in the 1970s and 80s, and was an AFTRA, SAG, and Local 47 Musicians Union member in Hollywood California. Perry was working as an "In-house" session musician at Universal Studio's, in N.Hollywood Ca. when Sorcery members Richard Taylor, Richie King and Greg Magie asked him to join the band. Some of the artists Perry played with are Harry Nilsson, John Denver, the Coasters, Jimmy Webb, Joni Mitchell, Tim Bogert, Jay Williams just to name a few. Perry played on T.V. background (bumper) music, commercial jingles, movie soundtracks as well as music work at many L.A. studios such as; MGM Studios, Culver City CA. The Universal Studios in N. Hollywood CA. the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank Ca. Perry was also a regular session player at NBC Studios, Burbank, ABC Studios in Hollywood and CBS/Television Studios in L.A. Many recording dates were at the original "Gold Star" studios (on Santa Monica & Vine St) in Hollywood, The Record Plant, the "Baby-O" studios on Sunset Blvd. Walley Heiders in Hollywood and "Sound City" in Van Nuys Ca, just to name a few. He was also sponsored by the Ludwig Drum company.

Sorcery's lead guitarist, Richard Taylor, was also a member of S.A.G. and AFTRA, and the Musicians Union Local 47 in Hollywood Ca. Richard also played keyboards and was the main song writer for Sorcery. Richard Taylor played with the groups "Legs Diamond" and the Los Angeles based band "BOA". Richard also did session work as well. Although he had a vast collection of guitars, he preferred playing his Gibson Les Paul for the first 2 years and then built a custom Stratocaster that he used for Sorcery's studio work. Richard used Marshall amps for guitar and Fender amps for keyboards.

The bass player for Sorcery was Richie King, a founding member, and also a member of AFTRA, S.A.G. and the Musicians Union, "Local 47" in Hollywood Ca. Richie was an L.A. session Bass player who was endorsed (sponsored) by B.C. Rich guitar company. The B.C. Rich guitar company made a custom bass guitar in Rickie King's honor as they were fans of Richie and the Sorcery band as well.

Over the years Sorcery had two lead singers. The first lead vocalist for Sorcery was Greg Magie, who was in the band from 1976-1979. Greg Magie appears in the film Stunt Rock and on the movie soundtrack LP. The second lead vocalist for "Sorcery" was David Glen Eisley from 1980 to 1983. David is on the "SORCERY 2" LP/CD and the "Sorcery Live" LP/CD. Sorcery also did Dick Clark T.V. specials in 1982 and 1983 that David Eisley appears on.

In 1983, friend Lon Cohen joined the band as 2nd guitarist. Lon wrote the track "Rockin'The World Tonight" which was performed on the 1983 Dick Clark TV special, "A Rockin Halloween". Sorcery band members Perry Morris, Richard Taylor, Richie King and Lon Cohen also appear in the 1984 film Rocktober Blood as the "Headmistress" Band. These are the musicians that recorded most of that films soundtrack LP in 1984. The "Rocktober Blood" movie LP was recorded in part at the "Baby-O" studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood CA.

The film Stunt Rock (soundtrack LP on EMI Records, recorded at Warner Bros. Burbank Studio's, and Produced by Jimmy Haskell) was first available on DVD in 1997 and re-released on DVD in 2009 by CodeRed. The film has also been playing over recent years in theaters around the world. It has become a "mid-night movie cult classic" in many circles.[2]


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