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Pronunciation SORSHA SURR-uh-kha, sɔɾə̆xə
Gender Feminine
Language(s) 1. Irish
2. Scottish Gaelic
Meaning "light" or "Sungoddess"

Sorcha is a Gaelic feminine given name. It is both Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and is derived from a Gaelic word meaning "brightness". In Ireland, because Sorcha is pronounced "surra-kha", the name has been considered as a Gaelic form of the etymologically unrelated name Sarah, and in consequence Sorcha has been Anglicised as Sally, Sarah. The name Sarah is a Biblical name, meaning "princess"; Sally is a pet form of this name. In Scotland, Sorcha has been Anglicised as Clara. The English Clara is derived from the Latin clarus, meaning "bright", "famous".[1] Sorcha can also be pronounced "sor-ka", and "sir-ka". This beautiful name can be pronounced many different ways.

The name is commonly confused with both the masculine Seoirse (pronounced shor-sha) and vocabulary word-turned-girls' name Saoirse (seer-sha) due to a combination of ignorance to the Irish language and the unfamiliar spelling.

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